Donate a Donut to IDF Soldiers this Hanukkah!


Donate a Donut to IDF Soldiers this Hanukkah!

Standing Together invites you to join us and Donate a Donut to IDF
Soldiers this Hanukkah. Standing Together has been giving treats to IDF Soldiers for over 20 years. Showing the soldiers appreciation from people around the globe is a small way of giving back to the soldiers who dedicate their lives to protecting Israel

Since last week, Standing Together volunteers have been bringing
pre-Hanukkah treats directly to our IDF soldiers wherever they are
stationed throughout Israel. See photos at

And guess who is serving the donuts at a big Hanukkah event planned with 600 Chayalim and Chayalot? That's Right! Standing Together. So please choose Standing Together for your end of year tax deductible donations and show your support for Israeli soldiers.

For Tax Deductible USA, Canadian and Israeli Donations, please donate at

Happy Hanukkah!
David Landau
Standing Together


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