Sleep Consultant


Sleep Consultant

I am a licensed therapist from New York. I have more than 10 years experience working with patients in non-conventional therapy with absolute success most of the time.

  • AAS, Allied Health Sciences (Respiratory Therapy Program), Borough of Manhattan Community College, New York, NY, 2003

  • Sleep Disorder / Sleep Apnea

    Respiratory Breathing technique

    • * problem staying asleep
    • * snoring
    • * shortness of breath doing daily activities
    • * sensation that you heart is racing, jumping out of you chest
    • * gasping for air
    • * stop breathing when sleeping
    • * depression
    • * insomnia
    • * frequent need to get up and urinate at night
    • * frequently forgetting things
    • Are you a smoker, are you a constructions worker, etc.?. Are you prone to have obstructive sleep apnea?