Extraction of Wisdom Teeth - Dr. Shmuel Katz


Extraction of Wisdom Teeth - Dr. Shmuel Katz

Dr. Katz ONLY removes Wisdom Teeth - NOTHING ELSE !!

For the last 18 years, Dr. Katz in Beit Shemesh has limited his practice to the removal of impacted wisdom teeth. According to Dr. Katz, only 25% of people need to remove their wisdom teeth. This mainly has to do with genetics. If your parents had them removed, chances are, you will need them removed too.

Contact Dr. Katz directly at [email protected] to find out if you should remove your wisdom teeth. Please include in the email: 1: Your name, 2: Phone number, 3: Panoramic X-ray, 4: Any issues you may have.

What Our Patients Have to Say

I was scared to have my wisdom teeth removed. I heard such horror stories. A few friends of mine highly recommended Dr. Katz. My experience was great. I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed in 1 shot!! It was surprisingly short and relaxing. Dr. Katz gave me info and tips on how to care for myself after the procedure. I didn’t even miss one day of work. I got them pulled out Thursday afternoon and I was back at work on Sunday. My co-workers couldn’t get over it and asked me for my doc's number… If you need to get wisdom teeth pulled out, Dr. Katz is definitely the expert to do it! - Rachel Kotkes

I was extremely nervous to have all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed. But to my surprise, the experience was pleasurable and the recovery process was amazing! It was the best possible experience I could have hoped for. Thank you Dr. Katz for your amazing work. - Temima Rosenstein

Dr. Katz was AMAZING !!! I was so afraid. Dr. Katz was there for me, before and after, the removal of my wisdom teeth. Plus, I loved the music. - S.B.

Two of our children needed to have their wisdom teeth removed. People recommended Dr. Katz. We were thrilled. Dr. Katz’ calm demeanor and expertise kept our children relaxed during the entire procedures. He explained clearly what he was doing and worked quickly and skillfully. - D.G.

My daughter had to have all four of her wisdom teeth removed. The thought of having all 4 wisdom teeth pulled was terrifying for her. I received a large number of recommendations for Dr. Katz. From the start, he was kind, supportive and prepared us for what to expect. He kept repeating that it would not be painful, which was hard to believe. On the day, my daughter was petrified. Dr. Katz and his assistant were reassuring and knew exactly how to handle the situation. With music in the background, I saw my daughters hands relax during the procedure, which took only about an hour. After the procedure, Dr. Katz was available to answer all questions, with kindness and patience. I highly recommend Dr. Katz! - Helise Pollack

Dr. Shmuel Katz - Extraction of Wisdom Teeth.

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