Our Story

When Janglo launched as a Yahoo Group on June 18, 2001, no one imagined it would become Israel's largest online community for English speakers.

But it filled a need for olim that was much bigger than imagined. Janglo was growing rapidly, and by 2007, it was one of the most active Yahoo Groups in the world.

Janglo is today the Anglo community's top information source for jobs, housing, sales, events, deals, news, businesses, and so much more. We've helped tens of thousands of olim survive and thrive in Israel. 

Thousands of businesses use Janglo to attract new clients, with listings in our business directory, and premium publicity packages.

Janglo gets visitors from Israel, the US, the UK and other countries. Many businesses rely on Janglo to reach their customers. Our weekly newsletter, which has been called the best email in the Jewish world, goes out to more than 50,000 emails. If you don't get it yet, you can subscribe here

We're dedicated to getting really valuable information into your hands. We want to help you live the best you can in Israel. And we're always looking for better ways to do so. If you have ideas how we can help more, tell us now!

If you would like information about advertising and reaching our large audience through Premium listings, website banners, banners in our newsletters or E-blast programs, write to us at [email protected] 

Enjoy the site!