Posting Policies

Posting Policies

Posts in the Janglo Community area must be useful, not just interesting. Ask yourself: Does anyone gain anything tangible from the post?

Please make your posts user-friendly! Include in every post a clear subject line and only relevant information in the text content area. Proper spelling and grammar will lead to better feedback from users. Make sure you double check before sending so you don't have to make an embarrassing correction later!

Any actions that do not comply with Janglo policies or spirit of our community may be removed and the offending user may be blocked from further using Janglo.

The following posting actions are prohibited on Janglo:

  • Items for sale outside Israel.
  • Businesses and services outside Israel.
  • Posting unauthorized images or any copyrighted material.
  • Items for sale that are illegal to own, buy or sell in Israel.
  • Items for sale that are in Janglo’s prohibited items and services list.
    Posts must be in line with Israeli law. Obviously, pornographic material and other common Internet filth is not allowed.
  • Duplicate listings or similar listings for the same business or the same service provider or items.
    Please post your message only once to the site, in the category that most accurately fits it. If you are not sure which category it belongs in, simply search for other similar postings.
    Everyone wants quick and relevant results on Janglo, so please post as accurately as you can.
  • Duplicate items using different email addresses.
  • Posts whose purpose is to send traffic to another web site.
  • Posts that violate Janglo's Jobs Posting Policies.
  • Posts containing keywords not directly related to the item being posted.
  • Posts in any language other than English.
  • Posts that contain adult, mature or erotic elements.
  • Personal posts.
  • Posts that slander any individual or use derogatory content.
    No one should get hurt on Janglo. Any post saying or implying anything not nice about anyone is not allowed. Any warnings about fraudulent businesses, missionaries, or perverts should be sent directly to Janglo.
  • Posts with any type of opinions regarding religion, politics or any other subject of discussion.
    Messages about politics do not belong on Janglo. We are in favor of political activism on the streets. However, we only allow posts that announce an event, or information people can use, and not articles that may just be "interesting" to one group or another, etc. Furthermore, because we try to be extra-sensitive in this matter, we don't allow any political rhetoric even in "useful" posts relating to political issues. The rule: include enough info for people to know what the protest is about, but no slogans or accusations.
  • Posts of any items or material that users may find offensive or inappropriate due to its nature.
  • Posts with misleading category or with misleading information.
  • Post as an Owner when you are a Dealer or an Agent.
  • Post if you are under 16 years old.
  • You agree that by posting any content you grant Janglo a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, sub-licensable right to exercise the copyright, publicity, and database rights to that content. You authorize Janglo to forward and/or instruct your content to be published in any other website or channel at Janglo's own discretion.
  • All content submitted or posted by you on Janglo may be indexed by third party websites or search engines. Your content may remain indexed and therefore available to the public on the Internet after you "unpublish" or request Janglo to "unpublish" your content from the Janglo website. Janglo shall not be responsible for the deletion of any content you posted on Janglo that is published or available to the public on third party websites or on search engines.
  • Real Estate agents, owners of properties or any individual (you) represent that any and all images or information that you uploaded or provided to Janglo to be uploaded on the Janglo website or to be published in other channels, are your own property and are free and clear of any copyright rights of a third party, and you grant Janglo full permission to use such information and pictures at Janglo’s sole discretion. You understands that the unauthorized use of third party images is a serious offense punishable by the courts with up to 100,000 NIS. You shall take responsibility and will pay for any and all expenses and fines resulting from uploading or providing unauthorized images to Janglo.

    Note: Janglo may remove without notice and without explanation any post for any reason at its own discretion. One of the reasons for removal include posts in categories that are well populated.

    Terms of Use
    You have read and agreed to all items in our Term of Use as published in this website: