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WinWinWin - Budget Laptop J219₪1119

Ami Raz     Internet
Saturday, 04 May 5:05 PM

Need a new laptop?



I recently researched discounted laptops for one of my clients.


I found a refurbished Lenovo Thinkpad laptop for 999 NIS.  I charge 120 NIS charge for my research.  The total comes to 1119 NIS including VAT. 


On payment, I will send you a link to order the laptop and a link with an independent review.  The average Internet price for a new 14" laptop in Israel with Windows 10 is 2809 NIS including VAT.

Here are the specs:

Display - 14"

CPU - Intel Core 3 / 2.3 GHZ

RAM - 4 GB

DVD - Yes

Hard Disk - 120 GB SSD

Operating System - Windows 7

Port – 3 USB

Warranty - 1 year

Software = includes LibreOffice

Delivery - free

Weight - 2.3 kg

Optional – upgrades available to 4 GB RAM, 8 GB RAM, upgrade to 240 SSD HDD, 480 SSD HDD, Windows 10

Short Review (for a nearly identical model):

..if you are looking for a solid work notebook with ThinkPad qualities and a very good keyboard/touchpad combo, you could be happy with...[the ThinkPad]”

Notebookcheck gave this model a score of 85% when it first came out.


I can process the order, update Windows, install the best free security and maintenance programs, install a free Office-compatible program and install a remote assistance program -- for 360 NIS including VAT. 

PS - Why is this a WinWinWin deal? You WIN -- the price is great.  I WIN -- I make a sale.  And -- the laptop itself is a WINNER.

Best Wishes,


Ami Raz - Computer Solutions
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