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children's books for sale now at Promeranz Jewish bookstore₪35

aviva hermelin     Rehavia
Wednesday, 22 May 7:05 AM

Hi everyone,

Anyone who wants to I am writing to say that wonderful children's books for 5-10 years old are now available to purchase at the Jewish book store in town Promeranz which is in the holy city of Jerusalem Israel,  in paperback. It is an amazing book on animals built character and has questions for kids to answer after each chapter. Go on Amazon and look up aviva hermelin to read the great reviews I got. You can also contact me by email at if you have any questions. I hope you enjoy this fantastic book a book that I highly recommend you add to your children's library and read to them until they have the ability to read on their own. It is $10.00 which is like 35 shekels. If you are visting that is the place to go and pick up my books immediately to give to someone's kids as a gift in Israel since shipping through Amazon is expensive to ship to Israel but can also be done. Also please be sure to go on Amazon and write a review after you consider buying these amazing books for your child or grandchildren, or great grandchildren so I B"H can sell more books in the future.

Thanks Aviva

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