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Sidney Vanton     Center
Wednesday, 03 July 10:25 PM
The Israel Center is pleased to offer the following very special video presentations — AT NO CHARGE! Israel Center, 22 Keren HaYesod St; 560-9100 


Mon, July 8 - 2:00 - Main Hall - “GI JEWS” (2018) - Jewish veterans of World War II share their experiences in the two wars they fought - for America and for Jews everywhere. 550,000 Jewish American men and women served in the war. As all members of the service, they fought fascism. But THEIR war was far more personal. They fought to save the Jews of Europe. They also had to battle anti-Semitism in the US military. A very special film! (English/English subtitles - 1½ hrs)
This DVD was purchased for the Center by Roberta and Cecile Cohen in honor of their brother, Norman “Buddy” Cohen, a proud veteran of World War II, now residing in Queens, NY 

Tues, July 9 - 2:00 - Main Hall - “A LIFE APART: HASIDISM IN AMERICA” (1997) - Vivid, insightful documentary on the birth and life of the Hasidic community in the United States. One of our favorites! (1¾ hrs)
Many thanks to Rozanne Polansky for lending us this excellent film
Sponsored by Frieda Mandel in memory of her Mother Hannah bat Rivka on her Yahrzeit

Wed, July 10 - 2:00 - Main Hall - “FOLLOW ME - THE YONI NETANYAHU STORY” (2012) - On his 43rd Yahrzeit - Deeply moving biographical documentary on Yoni - Yoni the son, the brother, the husband, the soldier, the man. Using his own letters and interviews with family, his wife, close friends, comrades-in-arms and others, this excellent film paints a beautiful portrait of this very special, complex, sensitive man. He was much more than a heroic warrior. (English - 1½ hrs)
This film is one of the many DVDs that Miriam Kindlerא"ה purchased for OU Israel. Although she did not attend the movies, she regularly asked what films we wanted. She would then buy them and donate them to the Center. In this way, many other persons might learn from and appreciate them over and over again. Ms. Kindler never wanted her actions publicized. Her utterly altruistic desire was to provide pleasure and educational experiences to the attendees. Her uncommon largesse gave the program some of its most popular films. OU Israel and persons who view the films owe a great debt of gratitude to this very special, philanthropic and selfless woman.  
This screening is sponsored by Sylvia Lakeland in warm memory of her dear friend Miriam Kindler א"ה on her first Yahrzeit.


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