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| What to do in case of an earthquake in Jerusalem?

Zev Stub    
Monday, 09 July 9:57 AM

With a number of small earthquakes hitting Israel's North, experts are wondering whether Israel is due for a larger, more destructive earthquake. Could Jerusalem see a major tremor? 

While newer buildings are designed with earthquake safety measures in mind, most older buildings aren't, and very few have taken advantage of the Tama 38 plan to reinforce existing buildings. Regardless, it is worth knowing what to handle a disaster. Jerusalem's last major earthquake was in 1927

The Pikud HaOref website has instructions on what to do if an earthquake hits. The main takeaway is to get away from buildings toward an open space, or if that isn't possible, to rush to a mamad, a stairwell, or a strong, secure spot as quickly as possible.The key is to avoid the possibility of being crushed by collapsing walls or structures.

If you are outside, stay away from buildings, bridges and electric poles. 

If you are at the seashore, leave the area immediately, to avoid the possibility of being dragged away by a tsunami.

More from the Homefront command Site

What does an earthquake feel like?  

When an earthquake occurs you feel as if the earth is rumbling under your feet, the windows rattle in their frames, loose objects and furniture begin to move around in a strange way, hanging lamps sway back and forth, and the quaking makes it difficult to walk or retain stability. It feels as if we are standing on a ship at sea, rising and sinking on the waves. The first seconds are critical, with the greatest chance of survival. Don't wait – keep your cool and react quickly.

Additional instructions:

• Before leaving the building, close electric switches and gas cocks.

• On your way to the secure space, stay away from the exterior walls of the building, from windows and from shelves.

• Do not use the elevator during or after an earthquake – you might get stuck inside it.

• If you are in a wheelchair – lock it and protect your head (after you have reached a secure space).


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