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Jerusalem Life

| Janglo Highlights: The Fast Train, Elections, Deals, and Laws You Don't Know About

Zev Stub    
Thursday, 11 October 3:54 PM

We're back in full swing, and Jerusalem is bubbling with new developments as the October 30 elections draw near. Here are this week's highlights.

Jerusalem Local News

10 Tips to Enjoy The New Jerusalem - Tel Aviv Fast Train
What grade did residents of Jerusalem give to public transportation?
WATCH: 4 Jerusalem Mayoral Candidate Debate (Hebrew)
A list of Handicapped- Accessible Polling Stations in Jerusalem
Watch: Mayoral Candidates Debate Transportation in Jerusalem
Analysis: A Look at the Major Contenders for Jerusalem Mayor
Jerusalem Elections: A Meeting with Berkovitch, Elkin, and Lion (Video)
PICS: Inside the new WeWork Jerusalem Office Space
Jerusalem's Wonderful Community Libraries - Map and Info
Jerusalem approves controversial parking towers near Old City
Smile: Google Street View returns to Jerusalem in November
New plan to end UNRWA and the Refugee Problem in Jerusalem
Rechavia's new Bab-Al-Yemen Restaurant is Breaking Shabbat Taboos
Galei Zahal offices moving to Jerusalem
Electric Bike Rentals Coming To Jerusalem
Jerusalem Updates GIS Map System

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The Rest of the Best:

Civic heroism award to Ari Fuld HYD
Keep Olim opens new Low Cost Support Groups
Israel's tech women send revised group picture to Angela Merkel
Proposed Knesset Law Would Allow Non-Licensed Tour Guiding in Israel
When does daylight savings time end in Israel? October 28
Suspicious balloon lands in German Colony
QUICK! Nonstop San Francisco -> Tel Aviv For $764
Help Needed: Ahava Emunah Lange Cancer Treatment
Electric Bicycle Drivers To Face Heavier Safety Regulation, Fines
Rabbi Sacks: A Drama in Four Acts - Noach 5779
Dizengoff Square Upgrade Nears Completion
Ben Gurion Airport Plans Overhaul for Shorter Departure Lines
Israeli 15 Year Old Wins Gold for Youth Olympic Game Swimming
Nominate someone for the Israel Prize
Report: What causes Israelis the most stress?
10 Israeli Innovations and Research for Lowering Obesity
"World's most wanted man" to Speak to Israel from Russian Hideaway
Women Now Occupy Top Torah Publishing Positions
Will Nikki Haley's replacement be as supportive of Israel?
Greer Fay Cashman marks 25 Years Writing the Jerusalem Post
UPLIFTING: Koolulam Does Birkat HaCohanim with Yeshiva Men
After fire, Haifa's Carmelit subway reopens after 18 month upgrade
Dash Cam: Israeli app films evidence for traffic accidents
Home Run! 10 Baseball Players Making Aliyah for Tokyo Games

Expert Advice:

Israeli Commercial Properties: A Safe and Profitable Investment
Hiring Expert Foreign Workers in Israel
What is Preventive-Oriented Dental Care?
Healing Cartilage Damage and Scoliosis
Writing your Memoir: Preserving the Past for the Future

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