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| Twins Born During Israel Time Change: Second-Born Becomes First

Chaya V    
Thursday, 01 November 11:41 AM
On Saturday night, Shani Besson (30) from Ashkelon arrived at the Soroka Medical Center in Be'er Sheva, excited and awaiting the birth of her twins - a boy and a girl. The first son was born at 1:58 AM. Four minutes later, at 2:02 AM, his twin sister was born. Between the two births the hands of the clock were moved back from daylight savings (summer) time to standard (winter) time. So it happened that the daughter, who was born almost an hour after her brother, was registered on the birth certificate as having been born earlier - at 1:20.



"I got to the hospital at week 35," Shani said. "It was before my due date, so the last thing I was focused on was changing the clocks."


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