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| Speedy Beatie: Israel's Marathon Champion Is A Religious Mother Of 5 From Har Nof

Zev Stub    
Sunday, 06 January 2:46 PM
Israel's fastest woman is Beatie Deutsch, a religious mother of five in Har Nof, who made aliya from New York. Beatie came in first among Israeli women at the Tiberias Marathon this past Friday with a time of 2:42. 

We first learned about Beatie when she came in first among Israeli women in the Jerusalem Marathon last March with a 3:09 time. Since then, Beatie has been pushing even harder with her training. "Going into the race I was pretty confident I could finish as the national champion," she wrote on her Facebook page

Beatie runs in a modest skirt and head covering, and is always thanking Hashem for her successes. You can read Beatie's full post announcing her win, or our interview with her last March to learn more about her. 

Follow Beatie on Instagram: @marathonmother

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