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| Dan Illouz: Our man for the English-Speaking community in Jerusalem

Zev Stub    
Monday, 07 January 2:57 PM

Posted by Hitorerut in Jerusalem

During the recent municipal elections, we at Hitorerut promised that we would be there for all residents of Jerusalem.

We had hoped that Dan Illouz would receive the portfolio for the integration of Olim.

We are very proud that Dan is one of our city councilors, but as we are currently in the opposition, that portfolio is being held by Shmuel Marciano of Shas. Despite this, Dan has promised to continue working to improve the integration process for Olim in Jerusalem.

Dan has many ideas of his own for projects to initiate, but he is first committed to making sure that he remains accessible to Jerusalem's many English-speakers.

Dan has set up a support system with a team of volunteers so that we can help you tackle all the issues, questions, suggestions, and ideas you have in your dealings with the Iriyah.

Whether you want to discuss topics directly related to the integration of Olim into this wonderful city, or general topics that you prefer to address in English, Dan and Hitorerut will always be there to hear you and to help you.

It's really easy to get in touch. Just go to:

Fill out the form on this page, and we will make sure to address each of the issues you raise and do our best to find solutions.

Staying connected and responsive to Jerusalemites is one of our main commitments, so please do not hesitate to contact us with all your questions.


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