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| No Snow, But Winter weather tonight and Wednesday: Get Prepared

Zev Stub    
Tuesday, 08 January 3:42 PM
According to the latest weather forecasts, a winter system is expected Tuesday night and Wednesday, with a lot of rain expected,, strong winds of about 90 km / h Low and possibly snow mixed with rain that will not pile up.

Mayor Moshe Leon instructed the city's divisions to prepare for the winter weather. 

The city's emergency headquarters completes its preparations for the weather, even if the weather intensifies beyond the forecast. He also recommends that the residents maintain safety, prepare for the stormy weather and listen to instructions distributed in the media. If the snow falls, the municipality is ready to handle it.

The residents and business owners are asked to keep streets clean, not to throw cartons and garbage bags out of the garbage cans for fear of blocking the drainage openings. Cut trees and branches in private gardens in close proximity to the cables and remove the cuttings in a regulated manner, check the safety of electrical systems and equip them with emergency lighting and heating kits. It is important to strengthen antennas, solar water heaters and other objects on the roofs and balconies.

Recommended: check the health of the heating system - especially those requiring ventilation. Ensure that roofs and openings (windows and shutters) are sealed, as well as to clean and open water drainage cells in courtyards and gutters on roofs.

Objects that are not kept and may fall from a high place or fly such as flowerpots / planters, furniture and signs. Avoid staying under sheds, pergolas, huts or temporary structures.

The Community Administration - Welfare Department operates and will continue to conduct night-time tours to locate street dwellers. Offering them shelter and assistance and assisting in the means available to the administration. Street people who are not ready to leave the ward to distribute blankets.

The Youth Advancement Division was prepared in advance for the treatment of homeless people and readiness to assist the residents, evacuation if necessary, and proactive locating of young people. Drives will also be updated by the Municipal Hotline 106 for youth and street people.

The Veterinary Service will operate 24 hours a day for the welfare of the city's animals. The cages in the urban quarantine are heated 24 hours a day and extra food is given to cats and dogs to help them cope with the winter weather. Dog and cat owners are advised to keep them in dry, wind-protected areas and provide up to 30% food supplement, so they can keep their bodies warm even in the expected cold.

When the municipal emergency system is activated, it will be possible to receive information on the municipal website, on the Facebook page of the Jerusalem Municipality, and in the media.


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