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| Jerusalem doubles scholarships for students

Zev Stub    
Tuesday, 12 March 12:44 PM
- 1,000 student scholarships, NIS 10,000 per student, for 140 hours of social involvement in Jerusalem

In good news for high school students and Jerusalem students. the Jerusalem Municipal Scholarship Fund will double the amount of scholarships it grants from NIS 5 million to NIS 10 million and from now on they will be awarded only to graduates of educational institutions in Jerusalem who enroll for higher education in the city.

The Municipal Scholarship Fund, which is run by the municipality together with the Jerusalem Foundation and operates in cooperation with Mifal Hapayis, will grant 1,000 students studying in institutions recognized by the Council for Higher Education in Jerusalem to NIS 10,000 each for 140 hours of contribution to the community during the academic year, In about 20 different organizations and in a variety of programs and volunteer frameworks in Jerusalem.

Mayor of Jerusalem, Moshe Lion: "This is another promise of elections that is being realized, after parking and business reform, and the Jerusalem municipality will continue to invest most of its resources in Jerusalem youth and together we will march the capital of Israel to new heights. Even after completing their studies. "

The Jerusalem Municipality's Youth Authority explained that data collected by them indicate that 81% of the young Jerusalemites who remain in the city will remain there after school, so the scholarships are another step that is intended to encourage high school graduates to remain in Jerusalem and to increase their social involvement in the city.

Council member Yossi Havilio: "I welcome the mayor's decision to increase the municipal scholarship fund. The change is that for a year only Jerusalemites will receive the scholarship. This is another important step in keeping Jerusalem's young people in the city. I am sure this step will yield results and more young Jerusalemites will remain to live in the city. "

The Jerusalem Foundation added that doubling the budget of the scholarship fund is good news for Jerusalem students and the fund will continue its efforts to raise additional funds.

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