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| Jerusalem cleaning up private areas in Talpiot

Zev Stub    
Monday, 15 April 11:36 AM
The Jerusalem Municipality, with the cooperation of the community director and the Culture and Leisure Administration, conducts a pilot project for the treatment and nurturing of private spaces in the Talpiot neighborhood and the Talpiot industrial zone, with the aim of improving the quality and well-being of the residents.

The open private areas are areas that belong to shared buildings or private complexes that are not maintained, neglected and neglected, and become neglected as waste disposal areas and create hazards.

The Jerusalem Municipality, under the direction of the Operations Manager, and the Oranim Quarter began extensive cleaning activities, including: pruning, weeding, cleaning of construction waste from these areas.

In addition, the municipality has carried out the renovation of two playgrounds, the stratification of public passages and the upgrading of lighting.

Community, Culture and Leisure Administration contacted the residents in order to create cooperation between the residents and the municipality. Meetings and social, communal and informational work were held with the residents and merchants in order to maintain a clean and well-kept private space.

Mayor of Jerusalem, Moshe Lion: "This is the first time that the municipality of Jerusalem has taken responsibility for cleaning the private open spaces in the city and we have begun working in the Talpiot neighborhood with the Community Administration and the Oranim Quarter, Welfare and quality of life, and so we will continue. "

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