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| PICS: Yom Haatzmaut in Jerusalem

Zev Stub    
Monday, 13 May 1:56 PM

The 2019 Independence celebrations in Jerusalem - a peak of joy, celebration and artists in recent years

The investment in Independence Day events in the capital increased significantly, especially in the neighborhoods, and reached an all-time high in the centers of joy and participation

Mayor of Jerusalem, Moshe Lion: "I am proud and happy that we were able to celebrate Independence Day in many locations throughout the city and in most of the neighborhoods.

The appearance of a human continuum that flooded and flooded the city is moving again and again. And on this Independence Day more than anyone else, including the official events in the capital. I thank all the municipal employees who contributed to the success of the events. "

At the Independence Day celebrations in the capital, a record was broken when some 250,000 Jerusalemites and tens of thousands of visitors from central Israel chose to celebrate Independence Day in the city! Hundreds of thousands of vacationers visited dozens of events, stages and parties, and their unique points only to Jerusalem. This was due to the significant investment in all events - an additional budget of NIS 700,000, with a total investment of NIS 1.5 million.

Thousands of students celebrated in front of the walls, along the promenade of Alrov Boulevard, the Jaffa Gate and the Tower of David. Hatikva 6, Sarit Hadad, Dudu Aharon, Danny Sandson, Regev Hod, Eti Levi, are some of the names that raised the crowd alongside dozens of DJs.


In the neighborhoods around the city there were special events in which the Shalva group performed at Armon Hanatziv. In the Denia Park, Yishai Levi and Divan Al Binta appeared in Ramot Alon. They chose to celebrate in public singing and in a huge family happening. Yaron Ilan led an Independence Party in Pisgat Ze'ev and many neighborhoods held parties and celebrations for the whole family.

On Independence Day there was an increase in the number of visitors to cultural institutions compared to last year. Tens of thousands of residents and visitors took part in tours, exhibitions, public singing, performances, plays and many more activities that took place in many cultural institutions in the city free of charge. In addition, tens of thousands more chose to spend in parks and gardens spread throughout the city.

In addition to a number of local challenges, the eve of the celebrations passed well and the celebrants' high satisfaction.

Thanks to the dedicated work of the sanitation and sanitation workers in the Jerusalem municipality, the city was treated all the time and remains clean to visit Independence Day and the state celebrations in the capital.

The municipality workers worked around the clock and during the events, at the end of the festivities, they cleaned up the entertainment centers in the neighborhoods, the market, the city center, the parks and the gardens, so that the neighborhoods themselves were already clean for the next day.

Employees of the sanitation department of the Jerusalem Municipality worked energetically during Independence Day and collected about 550 tons of garbage from public parks, parks, playgrounds and entertainment centers throughout the city. The sanitation teams operated during the holiday in three shifts in the city center, and in the rest of the city the work was carried out in one shift. In addition, the employees of the SHAFA division - the municipal improvement department distributed about 4,500 garbage bags to the celebrants during Independence Day in the central parks.

At the end of Independence Day celebrations, teams from the sanitation department went back to another cleaning operation. In light of the huge quantities of garbage, sanitation workers collected the garbage in three shifts in the markets and the city center and maintained one in the rest of the city's neighborhoods in order to ensure cleanliness throughout the city in the public and private spaces in the east and west of the city.

The sanitation department will increase garbage containers in the main centers where the residents celebrated, and the manual and mechanical tayote was reinforced.

By Friday, 550 tons of garbage had been collected, twice the amount collected after Independence Day last year.

The municipality's emphasis on cleanliness has already begun before the Passover holiday, when the sanitation teams of the Jerusalem Municipality launched an unprecedented clean-up operation under the policy of Mayor Moshe Leon to improve the appearance of the city, clean it and improve the quality of the environment.

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