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| Israel ranked 6th best country for digital nomads

Zev Stub    
Wednesday, 22 May 10:11 AM
Israel came in sixth on a list of the best places in the world  for Digital Life Abroad. The report, published by InterNations  Based on the latest Expat Insider survey, ranked countries where Expats are satisfied with their unrestricted access to online services and the possibility to pay without cash almost anywhere. 

Estonia, Finland, Norway, Denmark, New Zealand, Israel, Canada, Singapore, the Netherlands, and the USA were found to be the best countries for digital life abroad, in that order. At the bottom of the list were Myanmar, China, Egypt, India, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Peru, Turkey, and Uganda.  

Regarding Israel, the report said:

Israel makes it into the top 10 countries in terms of quality of life for the first time, thanks to the new Digital Life subcategory, which has helped it to climb up the ranks. The country receives its best ratings for the unrestricted access to online services such as social media and the ease of getting a local mobile phone number (3rd worldwide for both). In fact, nearly all expats (95%) rate their access to online services positively (vs. 80% globally), and 84% say it could not be any better (vs. 58% globally). Similarly, 94% find it easy to get a mobile number (vs. 86% globally), and 80% think this could not be any easier (vs. 58% globally). Expats in Israel are not nearly as satisfied with the availability of administrative or government services online; however, the country still ranks a good 21st out of 68, with 67% positive ratings for this factor (vs. 55% globally).


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