Frequently Asked Questions



What is Janglo?

Janglo is Israel's largest and oldest online community for English speakers. Founded in June 2001, we get upwards of more than 400,000 page views per month.  


How do I create an account?

Just click the person icon (login) on the top right of the site and register. 

Why can't I login?  

The problem may be related to capital letters or spaces in your username or password. Please use only smaller case letters, and no spaces.

Some people have ongoing problems logging in for no clear reason. If you need further help, email us.   


Why didn't my post appear?

All messages are moderated before they are published on the site. If your message is still pending, please be patient. It should be checked soon.

If your message doesn't appear as "pending" and you suspect it may have gotten lost somehow, you can re-post it.  

Why would my message get lost?  

One possibility is that you tried uploading large pictures and it caused the entire post to get lost. Another possibility is that your Internet connection cut out at the wrong time, or some other Internet quirk. 

How do I add images?

You can upload photos or drag them into the corresponding areas.  

How long will my ad stay on the site?  

Ads remain online for 30 days, unless they are jumped. Once an ad is jumped, the 30 days start over.  

Business listings in the business directory remain online until they are manually deleted. Please be considerate and delete your listing if you close or change the business.  

What does "Jump a message" mean?

Intead of posting the same message to Janglo repeatedly, Janglo allows you to jump your ad to the top of the list and renew it with just one click. You can renew your post every three days, as many times as you want. When you jump your ad, your 30 day term starts over. More info

Why don't I see the link to jump my message?  

The link to jump is visible from 3 days after your message was posted or jumped. If its been less than 3 days, you won't see the link. 


How can I respond to a message?

For ads, press "reply by email" or use the details provided in the post.  

I didn't get any responses to my ad. Why?

Could be your ad didn't inspire anyone to respond. That's possible even if it got a lot of hits. To increase the chances of calls, do your best to design a nice page. Make sure to request from each of your clients to do a review for you. 

Responses sent via the site would be sent to the email address you provided.  


How can I use Janglo to promote my business or event?  

We have multiple ways to help you promote your business, service or event. 
Contact us at [email protected].
Please include your phone number so we can follow up.