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| New 2019 Nissan Micra 815 mth

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Wednesday, 13 March 7:00 AM


What if everything you have heard or assumed about leasing a car is Israel is not true, or at best not the whole story? Purchases and open-end Israeli style leases cannot provide the financial protection that's built into the closed-end lease. The American style closed-end lease is the premier plan that assures you'll never experience negative equity.

We offer just that:  Lease a NEW 2019 Nissan Micra Eco = 7900 ₪ down / 30 payments 815 ₪ per month

Standard equipment – Automatic transmission Bluetooth USB/AUX power windows and locks

Full Factory "bumper to bumper" Warranty for Contract Duration

If you are new to leasing, not clear on the different types of plans offered in Israel, or want to know more about how it can save you money and time request a consultation here with this link.

If you already know the benefits of leasing and want to inquire about this or other models, contact us here or call 02-671-8847


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