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| Graphic Designer

Alex Medjuck     Remote Position
Sunday, 22 March 11:48 AM
Let me tell you a little about our company. Our company is a company that cares about people. We’re helping businesses be able to help more customers. We’re about being there for people. And yes, that includes you! :)

Anyone that joins our team has a special place in my heart. I believe in being there for people. One of the things we do to make sure we're always there for our team is create short training videos that explain different concepts of the company and different aspects of any task assigned to them to make sure it's clear and easily understandable and being there for you every step of the way!

We are looking for a graphic designer (bonus with video editing experience) to join our team that can help us give our clients graphics needs the most creative, cool and professional look.

Our clients are very high class who expect the best, something that will stand out. We are looking for graphics that have cool visuals and effects,  that are modern and very 'in'.

Additionally, a big asset will be someone who can be involved in graphic strategy on what type of ads work best for our clients. 

Please send us a link to a portfolio of your work. Additionally, Please send us a 1 minute video of yourself. 

The salary for this position is based on experience and ranges between $500-$1500 with huge potential for growth in the company. Preferred working hours are 9:30am -5:30pm EST (with flexibility) 

Please reply to and put 'Graphic Designer - Janglo' in the subject.

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