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| Assistant nedeed

Olim Hadashim     Jerusalem
Sunday, 18 August 8:59 AM

Be pert of it. . .

Assistant needed
Computer work, etc. 

Good opportunity for new, English speaking immigrants. There is no need for Hebrew.

An email with a cover letter and a resume will be answered

(It would be nice and impressive if you focus within your email on your character מדות and how much you love helping people, rather than writing long lines about your degrees and experiences. Thank you!)


Sorry for the long lines, but I'll write some clear things to save you time. 
Please read and see if it suits you before you send me an email. 
Thank you for your time!

Abut :

I founded this organization to help serious new immigrants, to settle in Jerusalem in various fields: finding housing. Legal help. Writing letters to government offices. Advice and guidance. Help finding a suitable job (yes, it's not easy!). Helping new immigrant soldiers who have no family in Israel. Helping New Immigrant Orphans. Helping single new immigrants, finding family for Shabbatot and holidays, and more. 

The organization also deals with the publication of a Jewish magazine on various topics: Thought, Judaism, Talmud, Weekly Parsha, Education, History of the Holocaust, and more. (No Writers Needed! Thanks). 

If you are a spiritual person who loves to help, and you also believe that by helping others you can find yourself, and your way of life, If you would like to work with me as a team and partner in contributing to the world from your time, you are welcome to write to me. 

Please!  this is not a 9 to 5 job!

It is suitable for those who have time (if you are limited in your time, it will not fit. Sorry), and can work as a team, and be an active partner in running this organization, so you need to be a caring person, and a reliable partner. 
Your background doesn't matter, no degrees or diplomas are needed as long as you love people regardless of skin color or background.

High salary.💶 (Please do not discuss money matter via email.   This job is not suitable for those who choose a job, based on their salary. It is suitable for those who choose work by meaning. . .Thanks!).

If after what you've read you think it might suit you, I'd love to hear from you! 

We are facing a new year. . . תש"פ

Time to forgive! forget! 
Adopt the situation we are in! 
Build our confidence! 
And start a new page in our lives. . . 
And this would be a good opportunity to start a new year! 

I wish everyone without exception: 
Sweet life!🌹
And even if it's a little early. . Sweet New Year!

Duby The Locksmith
Beit Shemesh

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