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| The Jerusalem Oratorio Bel Canto Choir

Marina Vengerova     Jerusalem     See on Map
Sunday, 17 June 12:34 PM

 "Old Wine in a New Bottle"

TheJerusalem Bel Canto Choir, consisting of about 45 singers, performs theirend-of-season concert every year in the intimate setting of St. Andrew'sChurch, with its enchanting acoustics. In this year's concert, Bel Canto willbe performing traditional texts set to music by 20th-century composers: sayingsfrom Pirkei Avot composed by Yehezkel Braun, a work that beautifully fits themusic to the Hebrew language; Fauré's Requiem, a work based on the Christiantext that reflects on universal questions of life and death; and other works byAndré Hajdu, Salamone Rossi, and Moses Hogan.


The energeticencounter between old and new will create a unique and delightful experience.



Conductor Salome Rebello  |  Piano Rina Shechter
Tuesday, 19.06.2018, 20:30
St. Andrew's Church (Scottish), Jerusalem 
David Remez St. 1, behind the Khan Theatre



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