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| This Wednesday: Commemoration of the 17th Yahrzeit of Rav Aharon Soloveichik z"l

Yosele Y     34 Admor Miboyan in Har Nof     See on Map
Tuesday, 25 September 12:55 AM

On Wednesday, the 17th day of Tishrei, the 2nd day of Chol Moed, September 26,

we will commemorate the 17th Yahrzeit of Rav Aharon Soloveichik z"l

at the home of Rabbi Mordechai and Lisa Goldenhersh

34 Admor Miboyan in Har Nof at 8:00 pm.

We will have the privilege of hearing both Rabbis Moshe and Chayim Soloveichik.

They will be speaking in English.

Both men and women are invited to attend.

For any questions, please call or message 0542099200. 

Last years Yarhzeit Shiurim can be viewed online at:

Yarhzeit shiur Rav Ahron Soloveichik given by Rav Moshe Soloveichik: 

Yarhzeit Rav Ahron Soloveichik shiur given by Rav Chayim Soloveichik:



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