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| Attention Jewish Parents -- Free Online Chinuch Summit

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Friday, 14 June 6:16 PM
Attention Jewish parents!

Have a good relationship with your kids? Want it to be great?

Do you want to take your parenting skills to the next level?

How can we help our kids resist the pull of the street and find real value and happiness in the ancient traditions of our forefathers – traditions that have kept alive the Jewish people since G-d gave us the Torah on Mount Sinai, more than 3000 years ago?

From June 23-27, 2019, you’ll be able to participate in a free internet tele-conference known as the LeChaimKids Chinuch Summit.

Ten leading educators have come together to discuss the major struggles facing YOU as a Jewish parent.

The summit will be”H provide excellent insights, tools and techniques you can apply right away, to help you scale down conflict, encourage mutual respect, and create deeper communication and connections with your kids. You'll discover how to break free of destructive emotions and be able to feel joy as a Jewish parent.

Each day for 5 days, you will have access to 2 FREE audio interviews for a full 24 hours.

Here are our esteemed educators featured in the summit: Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky, Rabbi Sholom Kamenetsky, Rabbi Zev Leff, Rabbi Dovid Kaplan, Rabbi Lawrence Kelemen, Rebbetzin Dina Schoonmaker, Rebbetzin Lori Polatnik, Rebbetzin Chaya Hinda Allen, Rebbetzin Miriam Becker and Dr. Miriam Adahan.

Here are some of the summit topics:

-Parental authority and respect
-Infusing spirituality into your home
-Power struggles
-Parenting children of different ages and stages
-Listening to mommy

If you haven't signed up yet, I invite you to do so today, by clicking this link.

If you have friends or family members you think could benefit from this unique, free event please forward them this link. We want to share these parenting tools with as many families as possible.

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