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| Celebrating independence in Jerusalem: 24 hours of parties and special events

Zev Stub    
Sunday, 15 April 12:56 PM
Celebrating independence in Jerusalem: 24 hours of parties and concerts

* Special events in cultural institutions *

 The city of Jerusalem celebrates 70 years of independence for the State of Israel - from the eve of the holiday until its departure there will be concerts, parties, events in the neighborhoods, events in cultural institutions during the holiday, most of them free of charge:

* Street parties in a number of locations in the city center and Mahaneh Yehuda market *

* In the entertainment stages there will be performances by the singers: Avi Mesika and Shai Cohen, Yossi Azoulay, Liron Amram, Balkan Beat Box, Lior Narkis, Break Disc, Quarter to Africa, Gili Yalu, Fortis, AVEVA, Anna RF and best DJs

Independence stages - Neighborhoods throughout the city will hold events - performances, local bands, activities and fun complexes for children to the benefit of residents and visitors.

 In cultural institutions:

* Amir Schreiber and the Israeli Grove Group at the Israel Museum *

An experiential audio-visual journey following Menachem Begin's life at the Menachem Begin Museum *

Workshops and illustrations at Agnon House * Singing with Sarah Sharon at the Bible Lands Museum * * Theater and singer performance with Yair Lehman * Live theater - Blues for the uniform, policemen and thieves in Jerusalem.

On Friday, 5th Iyar, 15: 00-17: 00, a festive outdoor dance will be held in Safra Square with the participation of dance instructors, singers and dance groups.


Mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat, "I invite the residents of the city and the state to come and spend the holiday of Israel in Jerusalem on Independence Day, we hold many special and diverse events in the cultural institutions that will be open to the public free of charge. Neighborhood events throughout the city "


On the eve of Independence Day, CityPass will run the light rail throughout the night.

According to the police directive, due to the celebrations in the city center, the light rail will operate from 22:00 until the following morning at 03:00 in short service:

The air force station to Safra and the Mount Herzl station to the Mahane Yehuda market. At 03:00 the train will return to full service.

Egged - Night of Independence Day night lines will be activated in an intensified format until 4:00 AM.

Below is a list of events, performances and attractions in the city on Independence Day and Independence Day:

Independence Day, Wednesday, April 18, 2018

19:45 The torch lighting ceremony on Mount Herzl - by invitation only

Celebrating 70 Independence Day at the Independence Park - Main Stage, 22:00

Performers will perform on the stage: Avi Messika and Shai Cohen, Yossi Azoulay, Liron Amram, Balkan Beat Box, Lior Narkis

Moderator: Elad Amadi


* 22.30, 24: 00 Fireworks over the Independence Park.

Celebrating the state at Zion Square

The main stage will run from 22:00 until 24:00.

On stage there will be a series of performances: Breakthrough Disc, Quarter to Africa, Gili Yalo, Fortis, AVEVA

 Anna RF and DJ Ophir Tubol.


Singing and Dancing Independence - Stage of Safra Square 03:30 - 21:30

The festivities at Safra Square will begin with a series of performances and will continue with a mass dance of folk dancing and folk dancing with the best dancers.

Singing Independence - performances by singers Aviva Avidan and Lee Fishman.

A Hebrew party with Moti Shmulik and the nomads.

Moderator - Avi Ofek.

Admission is free


Dancing Independence Square Safra Square 03:30 - 24:00

After the performances of the singers from 24:00 there will be a mass dance of folk dances and folk with the dancers: Avner Na'im and Mimi Kogan.


 Street parties will take place simultaneously in the city center and the Mahane Yehuda market - between 22:00 and 03:00

Hip hop and groove stand - Jaffa street - Beit Yoel plaza


Tali Ben Yitzhak

DJ Pnina Shimon


Techno and Trance - Hillel Street





House Dance Station - Cat Square

DJ Yaniv Danan

DJ Barak Capitello



Mahaneh Yehuda Market - Three DJ Festivals 23: 00-03: 00

The market area becomes a big party with stages in three locations

DJ Pnina, DJ BALABOOSTA, Roy Bracha, Rotem Mansano, TAMIX, Idan Hemo




 The experience of wandering on the senses - Historical buildings get a life color and sound in the city center.

Artistic management and animations - Shlomit Yaakov


19:00 - Independence in Teddy Park

Independence Day prayer with a band of friends for singing, singing in public with singers in the garden and Daniel Zakai and a special guest - Alma Zohar.

Admission is free.


20:00 A festive prayer at the Western Wall

Followed by dancing with musicians and singing


Independence Day party in cooperation with student associations

Alrov Mamilla Boulevard - The Upper Level

DJ's, in the best Israeli music you like best

With the sale of tickets to the Student Union.



 Hammers at night 21:00 The Tower of David Museum

Celebrating the tradition This is the sixth year marked by 70 years of Israeli revolution

The Tower of David, together with the secular yeshiva in Jerusalem, invites an entire night of Israeli celebration. Conversations, lectures, Ehud Banai 's performance A party into the night

Tickets on the museum's website


21:30 - Independence Day Concert at the Jerusalem Theater

Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, Israel Broadcasting Authority.

Conductor: Frederic Chaslin

For tickets: 1-700-70-4000


Independence night in the neighborhoods: Wednesday, 3 Iyar 5768, 18/4/2018


As part of the Independence Day celebrations, there will be performances and events in neighborhoods throughout the city.


18:45 - Givat Mordekhay - the protected school yard - Aviad St.

Prayer, dancing, Moshe Turgeman and his orchestra, play pieces and a performance for children


20:00 - Ross House - Rabbi Maimon Street

A festive prayer service, Yishai Ribo, a children's performance, a new song orchestra

Fireworks 21:30, 23:00


20:00 - French Hill - in the courtyard of the Community Administration

Independence on the lawn - community picnic, Luna Park stands, trimmed and dropped



20:30 - Yuvalim - Danya Park

Independence celebration with school ensembles, Greek tavern with Avi Tobi, Margalit Tsanany



20:30 - Pisgat Ze'ev - Tonic Square

Celebrating independence with the Muse dance troupes, inflatable complex, d.j Elad Galili, Margalit Tsanany, Or Ben-Atar

A spectacular fireworks show


20:30 - Gilo - Zeydenberg Park

Local Dance Groups, Yves & Lear, Etty Levy, Moshik Afia, d.j Eden Meiri, Fireworks 23:10


20:30 - Homet Shmuel - Super Pharm Plaza

A variety of stalls and workshops, juggling, inflatable circus and more



20:30 East Talpiot - The Armon Hanatziv Promenade

A colorful complex with children's activities, inflatable, funny sports, Tsafrir Yifrah and more



20:30 - Baka - on the sports field, through Bethlehem

Representative bands, stalls, a Greek taverna with Idan Sela and musicians



20:30 - Ramot Alon - at the Community Administration Plaza, 6 Recanati Street

Award winning stations, inflatable, photo stand, karaoke, d.j., barbecue and more


Independence Day events in cultural institutions and neighborhoods


Thursday, April 19, 2018, starting at 10:00

Israel Museum

11: 00-14: 00 Dance performance of the Hora Jerusalem bands: Afrahim, Neurim, Jerusalem of Gold

11: 00-14: 00 Dancing with Mimi Kogan

Amir Schreiber and the Israeli Grove Company

Open from 10:00 to 17:00

Children free of charge, adults 20 NIS, senior citizen 10 NIS

Ruppin Boulevard 11 Telephone 02-6708811


Agnon House

A literary celebration of events and words for the Hebrew creation of illustrated books

10am guided tours

12:00 Meeting with author Nurit Zarchi and illustrator Hila Havkin

13:00 Illustration workshops and caricatures for children and adults

13:30 "Sages at Night" An illustrated theater for children

Open from 10:00 to 15:00


16 Klausner Street, Tel. 02-6714876


Ammunition Hill

Experience for the whole family Guided tours, audio visual displays, heritage films and an exhibition of paratroopers

Open 10: 00-15: 00


Zalman Shragai St., Tel.


Bible Lands Museum

"Start Up Bible Lands" 6 tours for families between 10: 15-13: 00

Singing with Saraleh Sharon 11: 00-12: 30

Exhibition - gods heroes and mortals

Open from 10:00 to 14:00


22 Stephen Weiss Street, Tel


The Shrine of Solomon Museum

70 years between dream and reality

A guided tour from the roof of the building and an experiential tour of the museum with the Elul Theater between 10: 00-13: 00


King George 58, Tel. 02-5889000


Science Museum

Just cardboard - think out of the box

An exhibition of large cardboard artworks, experiences and workshops for children on the subject of cardboard, a "Cartonella" and a three-dimensional film "

Opening hours 10: 00-18: 00 Entrance fee 10 NIS, children up to the age of 5 Free, film for 5 NIS

Givat Ram, Tel. 02-6544888


Old Yishuv Court Museum

Live theater - blues for uniform, for policemen and thieves in Jerusalem between the walls

An interactive game for the whole family

Guided tours of the exhibitions every hour between 10: 00-15: 00


Or HaChaim St. 6 The Jewish Quarter, Tal 02-6276319


Museum of Italian Jewry

Get out of Italy for a game between the alleys of Jerusalem where the work of people is revealed after them were called the streets around the museum

From 09:00 to 16:00


25 Hillel Street, Tel. 02-6241610.


The Tower of David Museum

Independence in the Tower of David. Training stations, games on the symbol of the State, the symbol of the city of Jerusalem and symbols and central sites in the city

10: 00-16: 00

On the way there is a theater and singing performance with Yair Lehman at 16: 00-17: 30


Jaffa Gate, Tel.


The Jerusalem Theater Group - Beit Mazia

Time Travel - A musical performance and performance by the Jerusalem mixed band in a new performance at 14:00

Salt of the Earth. The story of the transparent people living in the State of Israel. At 16:30


18 Mesilat Yesharim St., Tel. 02-6244584 / 6


The Incubator Theater - Beit Mazia

The Beautiful Israeli A humoristic show on identities in Israeli society at 11:00 and 13:00

Beaujolais 13 autobiographies of young artists in a comic cabaret at 21:00

18 Mesilat Yesharim St., 02-6543004



The Train Theater in Liberty Bell Park

"Across the Sea" A play by Han Bialik's songs for children through the theater of objects, puppets and music, at 11:00 and 12:30 for 10 NIS.

A pair of "Carxum" in the Blue-White Clown Interaction and a 70-year Independence Trail. At the train station at 10:30 and 12:00. Free.

Liberty Bell Garden

Purchase tickets at, tel. 02-5618514 ext. 111.

 Jerusalem Dance Theater - Beit Mazia

"Seasons of War" is a 70-inspired show that reflects aspects of the charged space between the aesthetic and the belligerent. At 12:00


Mesilat Yesharim 18, Tel. 02-6795623.


Psik Theater - Beit Mazia

Madam Prime Minister, a presentation about the course of Golda Meir's life. At 10:30

The Mad History of Jerusalem A unique multi-media show that tells the story of Jerusalem from the time of the Bible until today at 16:30

to all the family


Mesilat Yesharim 18, Tel. 02-6333883.


Teapot Theater - in the courtyard of the Nature Museum

Mets Kumkum Performances and workshops with emphasis on the country: puppet theater, clowning, music, acrobatics, theater and more.

A theatrical tour of the community garden of the Natural History Museum.

11: 00-15: 00


6 Mohilever St. Shmuel, Tel. 050-7705389.


Menachem Begin Museum in the Begin Center

An interesting and moving audio-visual journey following the life of Menachem Begin

21 guided tours from 09:00 to 19:00.

6 Na Noch St., entrance free of charge and with advance coordination, call 02-5652011
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