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| Jerusalem: NIS 160,000 for at-risk youth

Zev Stub    
Tuesday, 12 March 12:36 PM
Last Thursday (7 March 19), the event was held at the Safra Square, where the entire event took place at the municipality elevators , Between the first and the sixth floor of the event. Eleven youth promotion workers were given a few minutes, together with the mayor, Moshe Lion, the municipality's director general, Itzik Larry and the head of the Education Administration, Aviv Kenan. The entrepreneurs presented senior educational initiatives to develop youth-at-risk frameworks throughout the year by promoting youth. The purpose of the frameworks is to be a warm, inclusive and safe home for these boys and girls, but also productive frameworks that enable boys and girls to progress and develop in their own right, as well as to acquire tools for making a living and education. At the end of the event, four entrepreneurs were declared winners of a grant of 40,000 NIS for each initiative to promote youth and youth in Jerusalem. The innovative and exceptional ideas will win the promotion of the project, its implementation in the field and its professional guidance in the coming years.

Mayor of Jerusalem Moshe Lion: "Support for youth at risk is a real life-saving, and I was happy to increase support from 3 to 4. The Jerusalem Municipality will continue to support youth, both at risk and those who are not.

Itzik Larry, CEO of the Jerusalem Municipality: "Working with youth at risk is no less than life saving. The diverse and brilliant ideas presented to us by youth promotion workers provide a unique opportunity for the field to offer innovative solutions for the treatment of this important population. We were very happy to meet them, to listen and to know. I have no doubt that the results the residents will see on the ground. "

Projects that won the event:
1. "Green in Jerusalem" - the establishment of a woodworking workshop for ultra-Orthodox youth at risk, which will enable the youth to run woodworking workshops themselves in schools, summer camps, organizations, etc.
2. "The Wild West" - between two buildings in the Kiryat Menachem neighborhood there is a youth club where an occupational community garden will be established. The youth will grow fruit and vegetables in the garden and will be able to sell them in a "farmers market" that will lead them.
3. "Ball in the Net" - In the Ramot neighborhood there are many boys who are escorted by youth promotion and much of their time is invested in soccer games. The initiative to prevent violence on the soccer fields will be a digital platform that will enable the instructor to maintain regular interaction with the 80 boys and to lead them to an educational program to prevent violence on the courts.
4. "Open Space" - the establishment of an enrichment and education space next to the Flower Gate in East Jerusalem, designed for boys and girls from the Arab sector. These boys and girls have many windows in their daytime schedule and no place to stay during those hours, which often leads to wandering and violence. The idea is to build a "hub," a space that allows for a homely atmosphere and a response to their needs, in a safe environment accompanied by guides.

The Division for the Advancement of Youth and Young Persons in the Education Administration of the Municipality of Jerusalem is responsible for the educational-educational activity in the natural environment of youth and youth at risk, distress and separation in Jerusalem, in accordance with the changing needs of the population and from a culture-sensitive approach. The Division's main goal is to improve the personal well-being and functioning of youth and young people (aged 13-26) on a continuum of risk, distress and separation situations, while providing a proactive, proactive, and multidisciplinary therapeutic, educational and social response to strengthen their sense of belonging , Realizing personal abilities and optimal integration in society.

Within the framework of the incubator, 19 organizations participated in the project, which were selected from 14 ideas that underwent the development of 8 content meetings and workshops, accompanied by the innovation manager of the division and an external entrepreneurial company. 

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