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| This Week's Highlights: The Jerusalem Marathon, Purim, and Everything Else

Zev Stub    
Wednesday, 13 March 4:14 PM

Its a fun time of year now. Jerusalem is getting ready for the big marathon this Friday, and Purim is next week. And if you really want something to laugh about, we're just 26 days until elections...

Friday morning, we recommend you don't try to drive anywhere unless you really have to, as the entire city will be closed for the marathon. And even if you aren't running, we suggest you head to Gan Sacher during the morning for a huge celebration with music, activities, and much more. Good luck to everyone running!

Next week, we'll have a big list of Purim events around town. In the meantime, here's the Jerusalem municipality's official list of Purim week events. Its going to be epic.

Wishing you a great week!

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Mordechai Shapiro In Concert tonight! 
The show in Beit Shemesh sold out quickly. Make sure to reserve your tickets at the Jerusalem Theater now!

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Hapoel Jerusalem In The Euro Playoffs tonight! 
Hapoel Jerusalem, Israeli Cup Winners of 2019, host Neptunas in the European Basketball Champions League playoffs tonight, March 13. Click here to order

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