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| 500 NIS Agadir Burger voucher for only 350 NIS!

Aviva Janglo    
Friday, 31 January 8:50 AM

500 shekel gift card to Agadir Burger (Mehadrin Rav Machpud) for only 350 shekel! 
Only 25 cards available, FCFS. 
The cards can be used as many times as necessary until all credit is used up. Can be combined with other offers such as business lunches, etc. Only tip cannot be paid with the card. 
Makes for a great gift, comes with a nice case!

Pick up from Old Katamon, call to arrange a time 054-539-9992. 

YYK Real Estate - Jerusalem
Jerusalem, Israel
 English Speaking CBT/DBT Therapist
Jerusalem, Tel Aviv
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