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| AACI visits Yung Yidish again

Sharon Victor     Tahana Merkazit
Sunday, 25 November 9:20 AM
AACI visits Yung Yidish

For those of you who have still not been to Yung Yidish, and for those who have been but want to go again -

AACI visits Yung Yidish again

On Thursday, November 29, 2018, we will visit Yung Yidish.

Yung Yidish is a Yiddish cultural center founded by Yiddish singer-actor Mendy Cahan, and dedicated to the collection of old Yiddish books and the dissemination of Yiddish culture.

Yung Yidish is located in the most unlikely of places - the Central Bus Station of Tel Aviv. But the moment you step through the door, you are transformed into a world long gone.

We will travel together as a group, since the center is difficult to find, and we don't recommend going there alone at night.

Meeting place: No. 5 bus stop outside Dizengoff Center (near Roladin), bus going in the direction of the central bus station). We will meet at 7:45 sharp and take the no. 5 bus together.

Suggested entrance fee: two times Chai (36 shekels)

The Primitivsky trio will perform klezmer music mixed with calypso and jazz.
Eli Preminger - trumpet
Udi Raz - sousaphone
Rani Birenbaum - drums  

Please let me know if you are planning to come.

Sharon 0542317699


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