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| Electric Vehicles - An Alternative to Petrol     Jerusalem & surrounding areas
Tuesday, 22 May 12:24 PM

Electric Vehicles - An Alternative to Petrol

Nowadays there are a multitude of engines and fuel sources for our vehicles. Each has their upsides and downsides. This article is meant to be a reference in helping you choose the best powertrain/energy source for your lifestyle. Today, we discuss the merits and drawbacks of Electric.

Electric Vehicles:

Taking the hybrid concept a step further, electric vehicles (EVs) use no fuel and produce no emissions, although some posit production requires more energy and natural resources to make EV components compared to a normal petrol engine. Running costs are minimal. As with hybrids, driving style and environment can significantly impact EV range and performance. Driving aggressively quickly drains an EV’s batteries, as do hills or mountains, while heat or hot climates can degrade storage capacity. As such, EVs are most optimal for individuals who have easy access to vehicle charge ports and do a lot of their driving in cities or have shorter commutes. On the plus side, because EVs have far fewer moving parts than cars with internal combustion engines, they tend to have stellar reliability, with longevity only limited by battery condition.

EVs aren’t all that established in Israel. 

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