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| Olim Career Success Stories featuring Avram Piha

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Monday, 15 April 2:32 PM

Here are the details:

The event will be a networking event at our office in the city center on and will take place on Sunday May 12th, 20:00-21:00.

Each event features an Oleh speaker who gives a short talk on their career in Israel. This is a great opportunity for new Olim who are looking to start their career in Israel to hear from Olim that have established themselves in Israel.

Our first speaker will be Avram Piha, Senior Pricing Analyst and Product Manager at IDT Telecom. Originally from South Africa, Avram made aliya in 2003 and lives in Jerusalem with his wife and 4 kids. As a new Oleh, Avram served in field intelligence in the army before starting at IDT in 2005. At that time IDT employed over 600 Olim. Outside of work, Avram is heavily involved with organizing local sports primarily for Olim.

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Refreshments provided

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