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| OVERALL in Jerusalem - The Culture of Contemporary Fashion in Jerusalem July 16-20

Zev Stub     Tower of David
Sunday, 07 July 10:35 AM

The Jerusalem Development Authority, the Ministry of Jerusalem Affairs and Heritage and the Jerusalem Municipality are proud to present the first edition of OVERALL, which will be held at the Tower of David Museum, July 16-20. Obviously if there is a digital post then all four offices will be sharing on platforms.

The debut OVERALL festival, is a first of its kind platform for designers, artists, musicians and scholars to share and explore new concepts, narrative and frontiers within the realm of fashion.

OVERALL aims at provoking fresh insights regarding the many ways today’s global fashion ecosystem operates, both in theory and in practice.

During the course of the festival evenings at the Tower of David Museum, dozens of designers and artists will be participating in “Wanderings”  - an interactive conversation that surrounds fashion, with live demonstrations of craft making in every  nook and cranny of the Tower of David Museum – from traditional crafts through to the use of modern technologyincluding machine knitting, to shoe making, jewelry making, to fashion sketching, t-shirt designing, to masterclasses with 3D doodle pen, workshops with Palestinian embroidery experts, weaving, 3D printing .  There will be live photo shoots and interactive engagement for the public  and a designer market of “Made in Israel” clothes, accessories and shoes.

In addition, there will be a conference CLOSET X which asks what will our closets look like in 2030? The conference will explore issues of consumption, sustainability, and communal responsibility within the fashion world. Leading experts will expound on the current challenges that the fashion industry faces in light of this "new" consumer: from new technologies to new economic models (such as renters, the sharer economy, consumer to consumer, second-hand shopping) to new initiatives creating innovative ways to help reduce the environmental impact of clothing production.  Conference is in Hebrew.  Book on-line from July

A panel of religious Jewish bloggers will take place in which they will discuss which lines won’t they cross when it comes to social media and fashion in their community; unique tours, some of which are in English, are being held throughout the Festival that will weave threads of discovery throughout the city allowing visitors to engage in different and diverse subjects connected to fashion. 

“Jerusalem is a diverse and creative city and the tourist who arrives today to Jerusalem experiences the authenticity of the city, in addition to the religious and historic elements. Original events like OVERALL which connect to the diversity and uniqueness of Jerusalem are an additional way to tell the story of Jerusalem and expose it to new populations.” says Ilanit Melchior, Director of Tourism for the Jerusalem Development Authority: 

Make your own red carpet entrance – and enjoy the wealth of different events that will take place, simultaneously, all over the Tower of David complex.. with tours all over Jerusalem .. and whether you suffer from FOMO or JOMO, OVERALL will be an experience that you won’t want to miss!  Entrance to the Tower of David Museum is free during OVERALL.



July 16, end of year fashion show from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design

July 17,  20:00 - Midnight: “Wanderings” at the Tower of David Museum. Free Entrance. Esta Rada at 21:00. See program on line for specific times of demonstrations, panels, workshops

July 18,  10:00  - 13:30: CLOSET X - Conference on the topic of consumption, sustainability and communal responsibility in the fashion world - BOOK ON LINE

July 18,  20:00 - Midnight:  “Wanderings” at the Tower of David Museum. Free Entrance. AWA at 21:00. See program on line for specific times of demonstrations, panels, workshops

July 19, from 11:00: Friday Designer  Market  and Shai Tsabari performs at 13:00

July 18-20, Tours in Hebrew and English - BOOK ON LINE as of July 7.


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