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| This Week's Highlights: Rain, Restaurant Deals, Buses, Trains, and More

Zev Stub    
Wednesday, 09 January 4:12 PM

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It's pouring out there, a blessing after 5 years of drought. The Kineret is up more than 19cm in the last two days, and Israel's dry rivers are coming back to life. Time to start planning for Tu B'Shvat!

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Here are this week's highlights:


Four New 2019 Laws Likely to Affect You 
New laws regarding maternity benefits, cash transactions, electric bikes, and credit ratings, will affect millions of lives in 2019. Are you prepared?


Speedie Beatie from Har Nof is Israel's fastest woman 
Israel's fastest woman is Beatie Deutsch, a religious mother of five in Har Nof, who made aliya from New York. Beatie came in first among Israeli women at the Tiberias Marathon this past Friday with a time of 2:42. Read her story


Rebbe Nachman On The Parsha- Thursdays With Rav Brovender At Beit Avi Chai 
Weekly insight into Sefer Shmot with legendary educator Rabbi Dr. Chaim Brovender. Starts this week. More info


Times Of Israel And Beit Avi Chai Present: Prof. Alice Shalvi - Never A Native - Jan 15 
Prof. Alice Shalvi, Israel's pioneering religious feminist and Israel Prize Laureate, founder of the Israel Women's Network and the Pelech High School for Girls, will discuss her recently-published memoir Never a Native. More info

Wed, Jan 9: Hapoel Jerusalem vs Antwerp | More events
Thurs, Jan 10: JLM Open Stage | More events
Fri, Jan 11: Art Bazaar | More events
Sun, Jan 13: Emunah Day at Aish Hatorah
Mon, Jan 14: Stop the financial stress: Anglo Seminar
Tues, Jan 15: International Hat Day - Get a free hat cleaning

More Updates:

Dental Treatments Now Free or Subsidized Up to Age 18, Over 75
New laws implemented for bicycles - both electric and regular
Eurovision accommodation: Tel Aviv building tent city
Tel Aviv: How to navigate the new cashless bus ticketing
Tel Aviv metro delayed due to early elections
New road connects Galil to Route 6
Hamashbir closing branches, reducing sales space
Fascinating: One-hour interview with Moshe Arens, zl
Yediot writer puts down American olim
Immigrant candidates petition against new Likud primaries rule
Widower MK Yehuda Glick announces engagement
Tikkun olam - Israel's ancient and modern invention
Israel's Good News This Week
The party's over: Google and Facebook will pay taxes in Israel
TEARJERKER: The Sign Language Chuppah Rabbi
Rabbi Sacks: Against Their Gods - Parshat Bo 5779
A guide to Tu BShvat fruits and checking bugs
Israel's only plastic-recycling plant closed its doors
How Israel succeeds at overcoming the water shortage
Stats: How do you define hi-tech employee in Israel?
University or college: Which graduates earn more in Israel?
Apply now: The International LL.M. program at Tel Aviv University
Get Your BA While You Learn Torah
IDF disallows civilian Gaza rocket siren apps
59% of new immigrants not considered halachically Jewish
24-year-old Israeli wins jazz piano competition at Kennedy Center
After 1000 Days, Nas Daily calls it quits
New Children's book for upcoming Israeli moon mission
The Soap Cake Factory- a great attraction in Kfar Saba!
The Making of an MBA Program
A Who's Who of the Many Israeli tech firms at 51st CES in Las Vegas
Orcam unveils AI wearable camera to identify people you've met
Israeli tech firms raise over $6 billion in 2018
PHOTOS: Start-Up Nation Central's Sleek Renovations
Sheep tend Tel Aviv's Ganei Yehoshua park
Bloomberg-backed TV channel in negotiations to enter Israel
Top Hebrew Wikipedia Pages in 2018
ISRAELI SUPERFOOD: Add spirulina to...?

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