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| Jerusalem clearing trash and garbage ahead of Pesach

Zev Stub    
Tuesday, 02 April 2:26 PM
The Jerusalem Municipality has launched an unprecedented operation in preparation for the Passover and Ramadan holidays for the evacuation of abandoned cars and garbage from the public space, parking lots and courtyards throughout the city to ensure clean, free and safe streets.

The Enforcement Division, which operates in a routine manner, has begun to reinforce its activities in conjunction with other municipal units, under the guidance of the mayor and in light of his policy to clean up the public space.

The enforcement department emphasizes the evacuation of vehicles in parking areas, residential neighborhoods, industrial zones and arterial blockages, as well as safety risks that cause hazards and endanger the residents, pedestrians and children.

Vehicle evacuation is carried out following an orderly procedure, warning the owners or attaching a notice on the vehicle in accordance with the provisions of the law and the city's cleanliness policy and maintaining a clean and safe environment.

As part of the activity, the municipality refers vehicles that are defined as junk to a regular site for scraping and abandoned cars are evacuated to the municipal lot. After 3 months, the vehicles are checked again by a qualified assessor to assess whether to continue storage or transfer them to scrap.

The Jerusalem Municipality calls on the city's residents to help remove abandoned junctions and vehicles that they own from the public space, and to announce abandoned vehicles and scrap throughout the city through the municipal hotline 106.

In cases where the residents are interested that the municipality evacuate their vehicle or any other hazard, they are invited to contact the municipal hotline, Hotline 106. After the resident has signed a waiver form, the municipality will vacate the vehicle without costs and issue a letter to the owner about the destruction of his vehicle.

Mayor of Jerusalem, Moshe Leon: "The evacuation of junkyard will evacuate hundreds of parking spaces in the city that are occupied by such and other junk. This is another layer in the extensive cleaning program that the city of Jerusalem will undergo in the coming year for the benefit of the city's residents. "

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