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| Compromise reached to reinstate the Jerusalem Pool on Emek Refaim

Chaya V    
Thursday, 04 April 11:28 AM
A year-and-a-half after closing, the legendary sixty-year-old Jerusalem Pool is now planning to be reinstated with an upgrade, and as part of a new apartment complex, at its original location on Emek Refaim Street, reports Kol Ha'Ir. A compromise was reached to satisfy the municipality, residential and commercial builders and the public, the latter of whom tried to prevent the pool closing for years.

The construction permit for the residential and commercial building and swimming pool, is licensed by the municipality and includes 45 housing units, commercial units, and a new swimming pool with a gym and sports club. 

Here is the official notice: 

The Local Planning and Building Committee (Licensing Authority) last week approved the request of Assdan Israel Ltd. for the construction of a residential and commercial building and the construction of a new swimming pool - the mythological pool in the German Colony in Jerusalem.

The permit for the construction of the residential and commercial building, including the swimming pool, is licensed by the municipality and includes new planning for the complex, including a new residential building with 45 housing units, a commercial floor and a new swimming pool that will include a gym and sports club.

The architect of the Jerusalem Pool complex is architect Amatzia Aharonson and the architect of the complex is Ashkenazi Sarah.

It should be noted that the new Jerusalem Pool will be an urban pool and will be operated by the Community Administration, under municipal supervision, for the benefit of all residents of the city.

Mayor of Jerusalem, Moshe Leon: "I am happy about the moment, every project used by the residents of Jerusalem and built for their wellbeing, we will continue to care for the welfare of the residents of the city at any time"

The Municipality notes that the success of keeping the Jerusalem pool open to the residents' welfare is a clear public interest. The municipality saw great importance in the continued activity of the pool and therefore fought to keep it open. Turning the swimming pool into an urban property will ensure its continuation as a popular pool open to the public.
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