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| Intl. Graffiti Artists Travel To Dolev To Memorialize Slain Teen Rina Shnerb

Zev Stub    
Sunday, 08 September 10:35 AM
The West Bank settlement of Dolev, northeast of Jerusalem, will soon receive a visit by some of the world's greatest female graffiti artists who will be painting a memorial as well as doing other service projects across Israel. The artists were moved by the story of Rina Shnerb, the 17 year-old girl slain at the end of August by a bomb while hiking with her family at the natural water springs near her home.

Rina had no voice in the politics of Israel or say on who owns the West Bank, but for some she has become a symbol of the constant courage that girls everywhere display in navigating environments outside of their control.

Now her story is bringing some of the biggest names in urban art - including Nicole Salgar, Mandi Caskey ("Miss Birdy"), Ledania and Adore - to Israel to honor Rina's memory with a mural capturing her spirit.

Graffiti is still a male dominated art and these female graffiti superstars feel a kinship with women pushing the boundaries. They will be traveling throughout Israeli connecting with some of the country's most inspiring women.

In addition to Dolev, their itinerary includes painting giant murals in the Muslim, Christian and Druze village of Abu Snan, artwork in the predominately Jewish region of Granot, hanging out with the Jerusalem Skate Girls, meet with the Israel Law Center's founder Nitsana Darshan-Leitner to learn about her work fight terrorism through the courts, and visit to an IDF military base to meet with an all-female unit of soldiers.

The artists have never been to Israel and their trip is organized by the non-profit Artists 4 Israel. Says Craig Dershowitz, CEO of Artists 4 Israel comments, "Artists 4 Israel is inspired by the bravery of so many women making their way in male dominated fields - when we first began using urban, contemporary art forms as a tool for social change and Israel advocacy, we too were doing something new and daring and faced backlash from haters and traditionalists. Just as the artists who make up our team continue to succeed against all odds so do we continue to make important improvements for the men and women of Israel."

Says artist Emily Gardner, aka "Adore," "The more woman painting, the less we'll hear that note of disbelief when they see our beautiful works. Being in Israel is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see an area of land that has birthed civilizations, three major faiths, and continues to be a region of cultural and religious significance. I am humbled to be given the opportunity to contribute small bits of beauty where I can." 


September 12 (Thursday): Dolev
Painting memorial mural for Rina Shnerb at the Dolev's B'nai Akiva

September 14 (Saturday): Jerusalem 
Jerusalem Skater Girls and Israeli Law Center

September 15-18 (Sunday): Drive North & Break at Dead Sea
Building Mural painting in Abu Snan and Granot

September 19 (Sunday): Location TBD
Visit with all-female IDF unit

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