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| CompuTip - Find Songs, Pictures and Dogs T-003

Ami Raz    
Tuesday, 17 March 6:55 AM

 ♫    Songs:   

 Search the Internet for songs, pictures...and dogs.  

Years ago, I heard a song on Galei Tzahal and asked my musician daughter for the name of the singer.  She wasn’t sure, but she went to a record store, sang the piece – and bought me the record!

Today, all you need is a computer or a smart phone. 

I found two competing companies:  SoundHound and Shazam.  From my experience, Shazam is better, although SoundHound works on my Win 7 PC.

On your PC, click on this website to identify a song that is being played and download the music, if available.  I’ve been using it to identify Israeli music as well.  It’s based on SoundHound.

If you have Windows 10, you can say “Hey Cortana – What’s this Song?” and get an answer from Shazam.

Of course, you need a microphone (pretty standard these days) to allow the computer to “listen” to the music.

If you have an IPhone with Siri (4S or greater), you can ask Siri “What’s this song?” to get an answer based on Shazam. You can even set up Siri to respond, hands-off, to your voice command: "Hey, Siri.  What's this song?"  

If you have an Android smartphone, you can download this Shazam app for free.


 🖼   Pictures: 

Search for a picture, a logo, or an unfamiliar symbol by scanning it into your computer and then using one of these websites: (and then click on the camera icon)

 I've used these websites to figure out obscure laundry symbols on a shirt bought abroad, and to ID a computer model by uploading its picture.

Here's another option.  It gives a link to a Chrome extension which allows you to right-click on an image and view similar images from six different image search engines. 


 🐾   Dogs: 

If you want to identify a dog breed, you can use this site to identify the breed.  You have to upload a picture.  My sweet, mixed-breed dog turned out to be a Great Pyrenees, "powerful, independent, highly protective."   Not sure if this is accurate...

PS - if you need to search in Hebrew, but don't type very well in Hebrew -- email me for my "Short Guide to Searching in Hebrew Without Typing." 

PPS - Use the software recommended and follow the directions and links above at your own risk.  I have no interest – financial or otherwise – in the links or software above.  Unfortunately, I cannot take responsibility for use of the software, directions or links suggested.  

Best Wishes,
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