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Ami Raz    
Friday, 24 May 6:15 AM
If it's fishy, it's probably phishy….


Recently, one of my clients forwarded a Hebrew email that purported to be from Bezeq Beinleumi:

Sent: Monday, November 26, 2018 7:25 AM
To: undisclosed-recipients:
Subject:  Ata chayav lehagiv miyad ana adken et hamaida shelcha miyad im mispar mikreh 5428441

[lots of Hebrew writing and Bezeq logos and then]

Why is it fishy? 

1.  The email doesn't match the sender. The email is supposed to be from Bezeq Beinleumi.  Their email domain is NOT

2.  When you hover with the mouse over Avor el nihul hacheshbon shelcha  you are shown the link ""  Why would Bezeq Beinleumi use an address at "" instead of one of its own addresses?

3.  The email is urgent.  You need to update your details within two days.

4.  The email wants you to input your personal data.

Why is it phishy?

Phishing involves emails that try to trick you into entering personal data such as an email address, password, identification question, bank account number, etc., etc., for use by cyber criminals.  The fishy email above meets several of the criteria below.

How do you identify a phishing hoax?

Here are 7 signs:

1.   The email has improper spelling or grammar.

2.   The hyperlinked URL is different from the one shown.

3.   The email urges you to take immediate action.

4.   The email requests personal information.

5.   The email says you've won a contest you haven't entered, made a request that you haven't made, or made a purchase that you haven't purchased.

6.   The email asks you to make a donation.

7.   The email includes suspicious attachments.

What to do?

1.  Don't click on any of the links on the email.   Don't open any of the attachments.

2.  Don't enter any personal data.

3.  Go to the legitimate Bezeq Beinleumi website and check if there is a problem with your account.  If you are still in doubt, contact

4.  Delete the email if you are in doubt.

5.  Try these sites for more information about specific hoaxes:

6.  Report the phishing attempt.  For Bezeq Beinleumi users, contact I did this and didn't get an acknowledgement or a thank-you... 

Best Wishes,
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