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| info4u: Over 400 Purim Videos including 48 new ones

Jacob Richman    
Wednesday, 20 March 4:00 PM
Hi Everyone!

There are over 400 Purim videos posted at:

The list includes 48 new videos for Purim 5779 - 2019:

- Purim Medley - with Droremi (Hebrew songs)
- Purim at the US Embassy in Jerusalem (humor)
- Avraham Fried performs for Soldiers for Purim
- Purim Medley 2019 - Israel Sosna & Band
- Purim - New York Boys Choir - Hipil Pur
- Breslev: Megillat Esther as never told before!
- A Purim Message from the White House (humor)
- Purim Medley - Micha Gamerman (SHATZ Remix)
- Purim Medley - with Orian Terry (Hebrew songs)
- Purim Lecha Dodi Degalim
- Short Kids Stories for Purim (Hebrew)
- Lev Cafe #1: Purim Unmasked
- Purim and the Secret to Happiness
- Happy Purim: Brothers In A Barbershop
- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin on Purim (Parshat Vayikra, Zachor)
- Rabbanit Sally Mayer "Why do we read the Megilla twice on Purim?"
- The Four Mitzvot of Purim
- The Death of Stalin: The Untold Purim Story
- The Story of Megillat Esther for Kids (Hebrew)
- Morah Shifras Purim Dancing Song
- Why We Dress Up On Purim - Rabbi Mintz
- Purim: The Last Laugh - Rabbi Yaakov Asher Sinclair
- Purim Adloyada Parade in Elkana
- Avrum Moshe Bardugo - Venoihapoichu - Purim (Hebrew Song)
- Purim: The Hidden Story of Queen Esther - Rabbi Avraham Reisman
- Not Easy Being Purim (Hebrew, humor)
- Purim challah - bake with your kids!
- My Jewish Mommy Life - Best Hamentashen Recipe!
- "Purim Shark" - Rosenblum Shaloch-E-Manos - Purim 2019
- Hop Channel: Do it yourself Mishloach Manot
- Rabbi Ephraim Buchwald: Standing Up For Ourselves: A Purim Message
- Aish Video: Amazing Purim Artifacts
- Purim Shalva Jerusalem (Hebrew)
- Yeshiva Guevoha - The Chosen - Purim 2019 - Music Video (Brazil)
- Harry?s Video Blog - Jimmy Olsen?s Watch: Purim
- News4JAX: Celebrating Purim
- 2019 Marvelous Purim Schpiel
- Vegan options for celebrating Purim
- Purim 2019 - Yaptzik Klezmer - Purim Klezmer
- YNET: Celebrating Purim at School
- Purim Hebrew Song with Russian Translation
- Bring Joy to the People of Israel this Purim with Israel365
- Ten Little Hamentashen - Rebbetzin Tap
- Medical Clowns (Hebrew)
- Purim: How to Live a Happy and Meaningful Life
- Y-Studs - "Mahapecha Shel Simcha" (Hebrew Song)
- How is Esther better than Gal Gadot?
- Webdvar -Purim - Tzav 5779
- Yes Stars interviewed about Purim Costumes (Hebrew)

I also added photo to the Purim Photo Gallery at:


Happy Purim!
Purim Sameach!

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