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| Non-profit organization looking for fundraiser ideas

Judith Magus    
Wednesday, 13 March 3:15 PM

This is a letter kind friends wrote for me to send out to family and friends, we have our 2nd annual Neshamaleh Yard sale coming up after Pessach. But I look for proffessional's that want to take us under they're wing and would help us get on the map.

Webside, Letterhead, and brochure is on it's way, all with help of dear friends.

Dear family andfriends — past, current and future supporters of Neshamaleh,

We hope you haveenjoyed a healthy winter, and that you will all enjoy a truly joyous andliberating Passover season. 

Now in its seventhyear, Neshamaleh continues to offer unique and vital services to the specialneeds community in Beitar. Our flagship program is the Afterschool Center whichprovides afternoon hours care to children and young adults with specialneeds. 

We also arrangeShabatons - hosting special needs children on the Neshamaleh campus for anentire Shabbos. Servicing Modi’in and Yerushalayim as well as Beitar, theseShabbatons provide desperately needed respite to the families. 

Every one of ourbeloved young “clients” has different abilities and needs, and so we focus onencouraging each one of them to achieve their personal best. Our dedicated teamof volunteers coaches each child through their areas of struggle – whether itbe learning to walk unaided, developing communication skills, or building the confidenceto socialize with peers.

Although we are proudof Neshamaleh’s accomplishments to date, there are other pressing needs waitingto be met... Here are a few of our immediate goals. Your help can make thesedreams happen.


Knowing that we couldnot ask the already overwhelmed parents to be responsible for transportation toand from our program, we bought a car, lovingly referred to as the “NeshamalehMobile” to transport the children. .The pick-up and return ride system savedthe families endless headaches and worked seamlessly—until the car stoppedworking… “The Neshamaleh Mobile”, is now broken beyond repair. Unfortunately,this forced us to cancel a successful pilot program geared to high-functioninggirls. Purchasing a new car is a crucial ingredient in assuring that those whoneed our help can indeed receive it

Security Upgrade

Neshamaleh has beenblessed with a mini-campus, which is simple yet adequate for tending tochildren with varied needs. Caring for children diagnosed with autism, however,requires a specialized facility. To ensure a safe environment for those wholack a sense of danger, a room has to be fitted with barred windows, stabilizedfurniture and more. In addition, able-bodied male caregivers will need to behired, to provide a staffing more appropriate than the standard high-schoolaged girls who comprise our volunteer pool. As soon as Neshamaleh has the meansto renovate we can hire staff and open this long-awaited program for autisticboys.

Professional Guidance

Our staff is currentlycomprised solely of volunteers. These warm and idealistic young women work withdevotion and love— the most crucial ingredients in promoting growth. There are,however, specific areas of knowledge and expertise which lie beyond the reachof even the most sincere volunteer. Additional funds would enable Neshamaleh to: hire Special Educationexperts to guide the volunteers, purchase usage rights for educationaldatabases, recruit legal advisors to maximize the children’s benefits, and soon. In other words, additional funds would allow us to maximize the potentialof our good intentions and noble aspirations, and provide the most meaningfuland effective service to these special and deserving children.

And so, we turn to you– with a request which is an opportunity.

It really does take avillage to raise a special child. Please join ours!





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+972 054 816 1307
7 Dubnov, Tel Aviv
KEREN DAVID MOVERS - Jerusalem and Beit Shemesh
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