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CompuTip - Windows 10 - The Best Price Ever J106₪180

Ami Raz     internet
Thursday, 02 May 6:29 AM


Are you buying a new computer that doesn't have Windows installed? 


Do you have an older computer and need to install Windows 10?

I recently researched the subject for a client whose computer is running Windows XP.   Running Windows XP today is like driving a car without brakes – it's not safe.

I found a Dutch company located in Singapore which purchases the software in Poland and provides the product key (activation password) over the Internet the same day.

The OEM versions below CANNOT be moved later to other computers. But the prices below are so low, that it probably doesn’t pay to buy a Retail version of Windows which CAN be transferred.

Windows 10 Home OEM Key

The average Internet price in Israel is 495 NIS including VAT.  My price:  180 NIS including VAT.

Windows 10 Professional OEM Key

The average Internet price in Israel is 690 NIS including VAT.  My price:   220 NIS including VAT. 

Home vs Professional Versions

In addition to the standard features available on all versions of Windows 10, the Pro version includes:

- Domain Join Services
- BitLocker Drive Encryption
- Remote Access Services
- Group Policy editor
- Windows Update for Business

Click here for more information.

Installation of Windows 10

I charge for 1 hr of work. This comes to 240 NIS including VAT.  This includes downloading, installing and updating Windows 10.  This does NOT include transfer of files, importing data, and installation of programs or hardware devices.

Please note: I supply the product key (Microsoft activation password) only. You need to download the Windows program from the Internet -- or have me do it.

Best Wishes,
Ami Raz - Computer Solutions
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