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| Yediot writer puts down American olim following Caroline Glick joining New Right

Chaya V    
Sunday, 06 January 11:29 AM

American Jews move to Israel because they are too incompetent to get decent jobs otherwise, Yediot Aharonot columnist and Blazer magazine editor Ra’anan Shaked implied, after former The Jerusalem Post columnist Caroline Glick announced her entry to politics on the New Right Party (Hayamin Hehadash) list. He later clarified that he was only referring to “messianic extremists” like Glick.

“Caroline Glick? Really Naftali [Bennett] and Ayelet [Shaked]?” Shaked asked in a tweet directed to New Right’s leaders. “You really think that there is some electoral force to the always-amusing sub-stream of scattered Isramericans that came here from their homeland – where there is a doubt if they would have gotten a job that doesn’t includes the question ‘Do you want fries with that?’ – in order to be Daniella Weiss with an accent? Nu, good luck to you.”


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