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Eta Morris Jerusalem Realty

Eta Morris Jerusalem Realty
Eta Morris Jerusalem Realty
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Understanding who you are allows me to find the property that is exactly right for you. I strive to bring together the person and their private space. Together we can find that special property in the eternal city of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem real estate is my business. I enjoy connecting with you as a person.

Knowing and understanding your needs is essential but knowing the Jerusalem real estate market with all its twists and turns is equally important. I know what is happening in the Jerusalem housing market. I know what is new, which projects are going up, and where the deals are. Therefore, whether you are looking for a place to live, a vacation home, or an investment property, call me. My ability to connect your needs with my knowledge of the market is a winning combination. This is the key to my success.


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Fantastic apartment 160 sqm - on two floors GREAT PRICE NOW!!!!

Private entrance and private parking

Private Garden 60sqm

5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms

Private land

asking 6,300,000NIS


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SERVICING: Jerusalem

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Author: D.L.
Date: 2019-08-20 11:07:29
My wife Lauren and I were in the market to buy an apartment in Jerusalem and we were fortunate to have had Eta Morris represent us as our Buyers broker. We found Eta to always be honest and to always be working on our behalf. She never attempted to show us properties that were not right for us and was straightforward about the pros and cons of each property we saw.
Eta takes her work seriously. I believe the integrity she brings to the job is building her reputation as a fantastic broker. Since we have began working with her I have now heard this from other people as well.
I do not hesitate to strongly recommend Eta as a buyers broker.
Author: D.S.
Date: 2019-08-20 11:03:22
We used your services as an agent a couple of years ago to deal with the sale of my late father in laws apartment in Talbieh.
In the event it was a complicated and challenging sale because the property was on Church land and the whole issue was just coming into the public awareness.
You handled it well and were efficient and thoughtful in seeing the process through to a successful conclusion.
I found you pleasant and professional at every stage.
Thank you
Author: M.B.
Date: 2019-08-20 11:02:51
I cannot recommend Eta Morris Real estate highly enough! Her performance and professionalism in acting as sole agent to sell our apartment in central Jerusalem partnered with her delightful and charming manner was so impressive. Her counsel and guidance was essential.

The sale of our apartment had been in the sole hands of a large established and supposedly well connected agent but throughout the six months contract they did not succeed in finding us a buyer. We only received verbal updates and progress reports when we requested them and experienced minimal accountability.

So we decided to take a chance with Eta and her newly established agency as sole agent.

Almost immediately she enthusiastically showed the apartment to suitable potential buyers negotiated an acceptable offer and closed the deal. Speedy seamless and indeed a pleasure all around. Quite breathtaking really!

We recommend her to anyone seeking to sell or buy a property in Jerusalem. We hope that you enjoy the success and the enjoyable experience that we received from Eta.
Author: S.K.
Date: 2019-08-20 11:02:15
It is my great pleasure to recommend Eta Morris.
I have lived in Jerusalem for 13 years. During those years I looked and looked to buy a
home and worked with many many realtors. It was only when I met Eta that I found my
home. Eta made all the difference.
What makes Eta Morris different from any other real estate agent I have met is she deeply
understands that real estate is about more than helping someone find an apartment. Its
about helping them to find a home. Her ability to listen deeply to who I am to imagine with
me what would work for me was amazing. Every place she showed me was a real
possibility. There was no time wasted on the right size and the wrong location or the right
location and the wrong size. And there was infinite time given to help me process my
thoughts weigh possibilities and reach a decision.
Eta not only lovingly helped me find the right home she helped me close the deal. She
helped me negotiate the price. She helped me navigate delicate meetings with the sellers
and with lawyers. She was calm dedicated reliable and professional every step of the
way. At every turn she displayed the optimum combination of integrity and grit of calm
and determination. Because she knows well the human side of this work she invites all
involved to bring their best selves to the table.
Eta also recommended to me her own contractor with whom I worked to renovate my
home. Through his character and incredible work I learned more about Etas good judgement.
In a field filled with hustlers and in a city filled with many dumps and more hidden gems Eta has the character the experience and the empathy to serve your needs professionally
lovingly and effectively. I could not recommend her highly enough.
I am happy to speak with you to answer any questions.

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