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| CompuTip - Plant a Tree T10

Ami Raz    
Wednesday, 25 July 7:52 AM

Mark your occasion with a green🌵gift:  plant a tree (NOT a cactus).

KKL (JNF) for 36 NIS

You will be asked to fill out the needed information.  You can choose the forest and you can even upload a picture.  The Tree Certificate can be snail-mailed to any postal address in Israel for an extra 10 NIS.

Once you pay for the tree by credit card, an email will be sent you with a “picture” of the Tree Certificate that you ordered.  You can then email the picture to anyone you like.  You can choose whether the certificate will be in Hebrew or in English.

Below are a few other options.  I have no idea who is behind the websites below.  I don’t know if they are reputable, reliable or user-friendly.

Israel Catalog - $18

 “Preparing and planting the trees bought by Israel-Catalog customers in fire-ravaged Beit Oren in the Carmel Mtns…”

Israel365- $25

 “Israel365 promotes the beauty and religious significance of the Land of Israel. Connecting you to Israel 365 days of the year, Israel365 features stunning photographs alongside inspiring Biblical verses and other educational content.


 Best Wishes,
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