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| CompuTips - The Best Tips UPDATED J18

Ami Raz    
Sunday, 16 September 5:28 AM


Since I started keeping track, I’ve received 121,269 “hits” on my computer tips.


That's the number of times that Janglo Junkies (aka Jangloids) have clicked on my CompuTips, IsraeLifeTips, CellPhoneTips and Freebies4U. It’s an average of about 135 hits per day – including weekends, holidays, and vacations.

I’ve put together a FREE Short Guide to CompuTips, which includes info about the most popular tips as well as my favorites. Email me for a copy. Here are the ten most popular tips since I started keeping track (on October 13, 2015):

  1. IsraeLifeTip - Lost Bank Accounts $$$ T09 - 4707 hits

  2. CompuTip - Prevent Ransomware T07 - 3979 hits

  3. CompuTip - Apple Quicktime? Uninstall it. NOW J45 - 3713 hits

  4. CompuTip - How to Fax without a Fax for Free J32 - 3665 hits

  5. CompuTip - Internet Privacy J343526 hits

  6. CompuTip - NoType Hebrew Internet Search J56 - 3503 hits

  7. CompuTip - Free Ebooks for your Computer, Tablet or Smartphone J043211 hits

  8. IsraeLifeTip - Give and Get Feedback on Doctors T263205 hits

  9. CompuTip - Asus vs Dell vs Lenovo J243200 hits

  10. CompuTip: FREE Short Guide to Computer Translating J49 - 3118 hits

Best Wishes,
Ami Raz - Computer Solutions
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