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| Fireworks, Koolulam, Siyum HaShas, and Fauda - This Week in Jewish Videos

Zev Stub    
Friday, 03 January 1:39 PM
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Happy 2020!

It's a new year, and (arguably) a new decade! As we usher in the blessings of 2020, some glimpses backward, and forward.

The best New Year`s celebrations from around the world
Inspirational talks to help you rock 2020
Israel`s Decade in Review!
The biggest headlines in Israel over the last decade
The IDF in 2019 in 63 seconds


Win Koolulam tickets!

You might have noticed that we are huge fans of Koolulam, the social-singing project that has taken the Jewish world by storm. Well, we're excited to be raffling off two tickets to their intimate performance in Jerusalem January 16. If you'll be in Jerusalem then, or know someone who will be, make sure to enter.



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Fauda series 3 is here, and more than a million people watched the first episode already! Watch it here in Hebrew.


Siyum HaShas

This week, tens of thousands of Jews around the world are finishing up Daf Yomi- the seven-and-a-half year cycle to finish the entire Talmud learning a page a day. Its a tremendous accomplishment, and the celebrations are massive. Most impressive was the Siyum at New Jersey's MetLife stadium, where nearly 100,000 people gathered with pride just three weeks after the fateful attack in Jersey City nearby.

We've prepared a playlist of videos and resources connected to the Siyum Hashas, including:

Full Event - The Siyum HaShas at Metlife Stadium
A look at the 1st Siyum Hashas in 1931
The Razel Family song for Siyum Hashas - Achat Sha`alti
Siyum Hashas 2020 - Chazan Helfgot
Rav Chaim Kanievesky addresses Siyum HaShas
A Song for Siyum Hashas
From Escaping the Nazis & Christian Conversion to Siyum HaShas
The Miami Boys Choir - When The Siyum Calls


The big excitement in the music world this week was when pop superstar Omer Adam released a bevy of new music. Blending Mizrachi music styles and Middle Eastern pop, Adam is possibly the biggest name in Israeli music now, and the new releases were a treat. Hear them all here.

More New Music:

Everything You Need to Know About Mizrahi Music in Israel
Eem Rak Taskimi – Idan Raichel with Yehoram Gaon
Shiri Maimon - Whitney
Amazing Israeli Eurovision audition: Sign of the Times
Kosha Dillz – Schmoozin`
Duvie Shapiro- This Is My Home
Full concert: Mordechai Shapiro live at Camp Morasha
Ruli Dikman -You Always lift Me Up
Child Soloist Yanky Green - “Yihyu Lerutzoin”
Jimmy Fallon, the Cast of Cats & The Roots Remix “Memory”

More videos we liked this week:


This week's Torah Portion is Vayigash, when the Yosef dramatically reveals himself to the brothers sold him into slavery. Click here for some great ideas on the Parsha.

Bagels.TV and Israel Video Network work together to send you family-friendly videos for your viewing pleasure.

There's a lot more to see on, so make sure to check it out. And don't forget to follow us on Facebook!

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