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| In Print Art Book Fair 2019 in Jerusalem Dec 18 - 20

Zev Stub     Hansen House
Sunday, 08 December 11:03 AM

In Print Art Book Fair | December 18-20, 2019

Hansen House,  Dubnov St Entrance ( Dubnov St. 2 Jerusalem)


About In Print

In Print is an independent art book fair based in Jerusalem. Founded in 2016, In Print supports local artists working within the medium of print. The platform generates new artistic activity in Jerusalem, providing exciting opportunities for artists throughout the year. By cultivating international exchange within the art book industry, In Print aims to bring Israeli artists to the forefront. In Print’s year-round activity culminates in theannual In Print Art Book Fair in Jerusalem. The In Print Art Book Fair features over two hundred books by artists from all around the world, with a special focus on Israeli and Jerusalem-based artists - displaying a select sale ofart books, special edition artists books, catalogs, artistic magazines, and independently printed zines. 


In Print Art Book Fair 2019 in Jerusalem 

In Print Art Book Fair 2019 will take place at The Hansen House, a cultural hub and public home for creativity in the heart of Jerusalem. The In Print Art Book Fair is a lively three-day event, with the sale of over 300 art books, select merchandise, music, artist talks, and refreshments. Visitors to the fair can purchase art books, view, and collect from our special artist book section, and join in on our series of panel discussions and artist talks throughout the event. 



 Wed. Dec. 18th, 19:00-22:30 - Opening Reception

 Thu. Dec. 19th, 15:00-22:30 -  Artist Talks

 Fri. Dec. 20th, 10:00-14:00 -  Artist Talks


Hansen House - Center for Design, Media and Technology

In the late 19th century it was a hospital for Hansen's disease (leprosy). By the end of 2013, after a long preservation project, the impressive historical building was reopened to the public, as a design, media and technology center that offer historical permanent exhibition alongside changing design exhibitions, events, lectures and performances.


About the founders:

Danielle Gorodenzik is an emerging curator, writer, and collection manager of Tiroche DeLeon/START where she organizes the Africa First Artist Residency. Danielle previously served as the Program Assistant at Artis in Tel Aviv and has held positions at the Israel Museum, Fresh Paint Art Fair, and Museum of Bat Yam. She is a contributing writer for Telavivian and is completing her M.A. in Curatorial Studies at Bezalel Academy of Art. Danielle holds a B.F.A. in Communication Design from Parsons The New School of Design.

Jenna Romano  moved to Jerusalem from New York in 2011 . Romano founded in 2015, a growing online guide to Jerusalem’s contemporary art scene. She organizes bespoke gallery tours in Jerusalem, ushering a variety of groups through the unique gallery spaces and exhibitions in Jerusalem, as well as introducing them to local artists. Jenna is also a contributing art writer for publications such as the Jerusalem Post, Telavivian and Oh So Arty, and currently pursuing her M.A. in Art History at Hebrew University. Jenna holds a B.A. in Museum Studies from ASU Herberger College of the Arts.


Websites and Contact Information:

In Print Facebook Page: InPrint Facebook Page

In Print Instagram Page: InPrint Instagram @InPrintJLM

In Print Art Book Fair 2019 Facebook Event

Email us at:


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