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Hillel Levin    
Wednesday, 05 December 1:58 PM

I received this appeal from one of my correspondents who has been helping those in need for many years. Here is her latest chesed project. I appreciate any help you can provide:

Rachel and Eli (not their real names) came to live in Israel in March 2018 when the situation in their South American country was becoming too perilous for them to remain there. Rachel is nearly 80 and not in a position to go out and work. Eli, Rachelís 48-year-old mentally limited son, hasnít been able to find a job or work since they arrived in Israel because he developed a need of an operation shortly after making Aliyah and has been unable to perform even menial physical work. †

Before Rachel and Eli left for Israel, Eli had an operation in the abdomen area. Soon after coming to Israel, he had terrible pains and was hospitalized in Rambam hospital for three days. There it was discovered that stitches from the surgery had opened up and that he would need to have another operation as soon as possible. Because Eli Ďs coverage by a medical insurance plan (kupat cholim) began about a month after they made Aliya and he was hospitalized, Rachel and Eli were obligated to pay the hospital on a private basis the amount of 6,592 shekels (approx $1800)ówhich they could not and still are not able to afford. After clarifying with Eliís insurance plan (kupat cholim), it was determined that it does not pay for medical bills retroactively.

During the past eight months, Rachel and Eli have been living off the 2,500 shekels (approx.$675) they receive from national insurance (bituach leumi) and the small savings they brought with them to Israel, which barely covers every day needs and expenses. For some unknown reason, the government aid they were receiving for the first months after making Aliyah stopped coming and complications involving documentation about Rachelsís deceased husband has so far prevented them from receiving rent subsidy. Rachel has been trying to pursue whatís due them, but has been running into bureaucracy that has left her exhausted and overwhelmed.

In the meantime, Rachel and Eliís savings are dwindling. They are now struggling to pay the bills and havenít been able to afford to buy basic furnishings for their apartment, such as an oven, mattress, proper table and chairs. Unsure how they will be able to continue to pay for groceries, they have begun cutting their food purchases down to a minimal.

Because they have not been able to pay the hospital bill, Eli has not yet had the additional surgery he needs and his stomach area has become swollen to the size of a watermelon. As a result, he has had to purchase a special type of medical belt for 600 shekels (approx. $160), †adding more expense to their extremely limited budget.

Recently, neighbors in their area of the country have agreed to try to help come up with some second hand household items and Rachel is now working on meeting with a social worker and a Spanish-speaking olim organization in order to possibly receive guidance with handling the bureaucratic paperwork, etc. But any progress with their situation will take time and they need financial assistance to pay up the hospital right away and to now be able to purchase food and everyday basic needs. It is also still unclear when Eli will have his operation and it could be a few months before he recovers and is able to find some type of work.

Any financial assistance you could give to help Rachel and Eli pay their hospital debt and to get them through this difficult period would put them in a position to continue on their own that much faster.

Thank you!

Checks (or cash) can be sent to:

The Beit El Help Fund (Please attach a note stating that the money is for Rachel and Eli)

Rechov Teana 2, Box 1070, Beit El, 9063100, Israel ††

Thank you and Chanukah Sameach!

Hillel Levin
Ma'ale Adumim; overlooking Yerushalayim, Ir HaKodesh for 3000 years.
Connecting with my brothers and sisters!
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