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Ami Raz     Internet
Tuesday, 31 March 8:20 AM


I've been using the free LibreOffice instead of Microsoft Office -- for months. 


It's great for "home" use, but If you are doing a big project or need to do professional work, you may run into problems.

It can be tweaked to read and write Office files automatically.  It works in Hebrew and English (and many other languages), and comes with a traditional user interface (ribbons are optional). 

Here's a review which gives LibreOffice 4.5 stars (out of 5).

Here's a download site.


  • It's free.

  • It supports over 150 languages with spell-checkers and other writing aids.  I once installed it for a client in need of a Swedish spell-checker.

  • It has a large ecosystem of extensions enabling you to customize your version of LibreOffice.

  • It works on Windows, Linux, macOS, etc.

  • The default interface is menu-based instead of ribbon-based. 


  • It's not as robust as Office and tends to crash on occasion. 

  • It lacks some of the shortcut keys that I frequently used in Excel. 

  • It doesn't include an Outlook-compatible program. 

  • It lacks advanced collaborative support -- but this is something that I've never used anyway.  

  • It doesn't support use of touch-screens.

  • It's not 100% compatible with MS Office. 

 For more information: 

 Call or email me if you need help installing LibreOffice on your computer.

 Please note:  Unfortunately, I cannot take any responsibility for use of the software, directions or links suggested. I have no interest - financial or otherwise - in the software or sites listed.  Use at your own risk. 

Best Wishes,
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